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There's been a lot of talk in the past few years of wearing the OG old lady crown. After all, she started working in 1945, memorably played Rose on The Golden Girls, and she continues to be a powerhouse comedian and actress. But you know what? I've always felt like someone else equally deserves to be inducted into geriatric royalty, and that person is . Like White, she's consistently worked since the 1940s, played an iconic character in the 80s (Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote, duh!), and she's a comedian in her own right. Exhibit A) Angela Lansbury relaxing:


Love her! Which is why I'm super excited her Murder, She Wrote legacy of a mystery novelist / detective will live on in a reboot starring . Apparently, Spencer's character will be a hospital administrator / mystery novelist / detective. Basically, she's a one woman army in the new series being written and produced by Desperate Housewives' .

Who wants to have an original Murder, She Wrote Netflix viewing party?

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