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October has arrived! The most horrifying month of the year (besides December). It's time to celebrate all things creepy and sinister. How? Some people use scary costumes on Halloween, some decorate their houses with creepy decorations, a few summon demons in their basements, and some decide to watch one horror movie every day.

I decided to choose the last option (after all, summoning demons was so 2015). To make this thing more difficult, I will watch only horror films that I haven't watched before (and I have watched a lot, so finding good ones would be difficult, at least in theory).

This is the chronicle of my first week of watching a horror movie every day leading up to Halloween. I have to say that I have enjoyed the films that I have watched so far. It was a good week.


Day One: Blair Witch

James is looking for his missing sister. She disappeared mysteriously 17 years ago while filming a documentary about a witch in the middle of a sinister forest. New evidence has surfaced and he believes that she is still alive, so he decides to look for her. Will he find her? Or will he find something (or someone) else?

I think that this is a good movie, but it lacks the essence of the first one. The original one was wrapped in layers of layers of mystery and mythology. This one goes for the spectacle (this is not necessarily a bad thing). The characters aren't well developed (excepting Lane) and some of them are just plain unlikable. The deaths aren't too original and a lot of situations lead nowhere (for example, the drone is terribly misused).

Also, they didn't add anything to the mythology. Au contraire, they messed things up. Many people left the theater thinking that the villains were aliens.

Overall, I would give it 3.75 cookies (of five). I did enjoy it and I think it was good, but compared to other found-footage movies, it doesn't add anything new to the genre (other recent films have pushed the envelope a lot more).

Who should watch it? Those who loved the original. Even if it is not as good as the first one, most fans will like it (and some others will like this one even more).

What to look for:

The final act. When the main characters return to the original cabin, all hell breaks loose. One of the most exciting horror sequences that you can find in any Found-Footage film.

Day 2: Black Water Vampire

A group of investigators are filming a documentary about a serial killer. His victims were brutally murdered in the middle of the woods. The cruel assassin is behind bars, but it seems that something else is stalking in the woods now. The team will soon discover the truth behind these murders — a truth beyond their wildest expectations.

This one is a slightly-above-average found-footage horror movie. It brings almost nothing new to the genre. You have seen the things that happen in here thousands of times before in other, better, and more exciting films, but you will enjoy it if you are a hardcore found-footage fan. I would give it 3.25 cookies, if only for the final scene and because it kept me interested until the end.

Who should watch it? Vampire fans. This movie gives us a new perspective of these deplorable and vile creatures. If you are tired of pretty vampires with diamond skin, this film is for you!

What to look for:

The final scene. It is great to see the damned destiny that awaits the main character. They say that there are worse things than death, but this movie proves that this is not true.

Day 3: Yellowbrickroad

A group of scientists are investigating the disappearance of an entire town. They will start a journey that will become creepier by the day. Will they be able to find the truth behind this great mystery before they lose their sanity?

This movie has a great premise. I really liked the concept but I think it needed a bigger budget. The idea has great potential, but it never reached it. Overall, I would give it 3.5 cookies. I think that it needed to be more polished in technical aspects (directing, acting and script). I would love to see this concept again (a sequel or a remake), but filmed in a better way.

Who should watch it? Fans of the Wizard of Oz. Yellowbrickroad is full of references to that great and unforgettable classic.

What to look for:

The descend into madness of all characters. They will start losing their mind in terrifying ways. It is really creepy to see what kind of deplorable acts a twisted mind is able to commit.

Day 4: Shrooms

A group of friends travels to the UK to eat mushrooms in the woods, but they don't know that his place hides a dark secret. A terrible massacre was committed decades ago in a orphanage and legend says that the killers travels the woods killing ruthlessly. What's the terrible truth behind all of this?

An above-average horror movie with a good (if something predictable) twist. If you like slashers films about evil and creepy mutant hillbillies killing pretty teenagers, this one is for you. 3.75 cookies!

Who should watch it? Fans of mistaken identity movies. If you love films like Fight Club and Identity, you will like this one.

What to look for: The final revelation.

The movie made us believe that the teenagers were being killed by a couple of evil hillbillies, but that was not the case. The murderer was one of the main characters. A shocking revealing in a great movie.

Day 5: Resident Evil: Extinction

A deadly virus has been released on the planet. People are becoming mindless creatures that only want to kill. After a few years of struggle, the world has been destroyed and mankind is about to disappear. Only a few human remain alive. Alice, a woman who possesses a great power, will join a group of survivors in her search to find a place to live.

Since I haven't watched these films before (the last three; I did watch the first two when they came out), I decided that this was a good time to do it. I didn't watch them because some critics really bashed them, but enough time has passed to take another look at them.

As long as you don't question the plot holes, I really think that this is a fun film to watch. If you keep an open mind and see it for what it is (a mindless action-horror film), you will have a good time. It has some cool scenes and likable characters. Four cookies!

Who should watch it? Fans of the original videogames. It is great to see a couple of your most beloved characters in this film. Maybe they are not as faithful as they should have been, but the excitement to see them on screen is unmatched.

What to look for:

The battle against the evil zombified birds. This is one of the greatest and most epic battles in the franchise. It is impressing the damage that these sweet creatures can do when they are hungry.

Day 6: Resident Evil Afterlife

Alice (and her clones) return and she wants revenge! Will she get it? And if she does, what will happen after that? Is the world empty? Is mankind defeated? Is she the only human alive? Find out!

Another good sequel that most people will enjoy. Mindless fun. Action packed. Good characters. Overall, I think that Extinction was a bit better (this one has a couple of nagging plot issues and it wasn't as polished), but Afterlife is still very enjoyable. 3.75 cookies!

Who should watch it? Those fans who love action films. This franchise has mixed horror and action in an unique and especial way. That's why most people love it!

What to look for:

The escape from prison. Seeing the main characters escaping from this condemned place is a delight. Thousands of zombies are trying to stop them, and you heart will not stop pounding until they all escape. The fight in the shower room is especially thrilling.

Day 7: Resident Evil Retribution

Alice returns! Again and again! This time, she joins forces with an old enemy. She has to escape a facility full of monsters, creatures and clones! Prepare to see some old faces returning (and dying).

I think that Resident Evil is the Fast and Furious of zombie movies (this is neither good nor bad). It is great to see old faces returning to the franchise regularly. These movies are quite entertaining and enjoyable if you approach them with the proper mindset (I have to confess that I had my reservations about watching them, but I enjoyed them). Overall, I would give this one four cookies (I think it is better than Afterlife).

Who should watch it? Fans of Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy finally arrives to the movies and it is great to see him. As grumpy as ever.

What to look for:

Cameos. They made a great job in including some old fan-favorites in this one. It doesn't matter if the character that you loved the most died in a prequel because, most likely, he or she will be here.

So have you seen any of these movies? What do you think about them? Are you doing this October challenge? Let me know in the comment section below!

What wonders are waiting for me? Find it out next week!

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