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While and keep on building their cinematic universes, raking in most of the yearly box office, the alternative comic book movie scene — while still very niche-oriented — is making waves on VOD and limited theatrical releases. Just this year we've had rather forgettable Term Life and the brilliant Abattoir, that gave me the chills.

Enter, , the adaptation of ultra-violent, but full of style, Image Comics page turner, featuring Kim Coates as the badass cop himself.

I Fought The Law And The Law Won

Welcome to Los Angeles, the City of Angels and the wackiest criminals who rotten a city in need of a hero. Forget all those weirdos with capes, LA needs someone to lay down the law, and his name is Officer Downe, a cop that got killed while riding his motorcycle and brought back to life by the power of joint telekinesis. Beat that one .

But the baddest cop on the force faces a challenge when a mafia composed of animal-masked freaks call in a specialist to take Downe out — Zen Master Flash, a glorified ninja that needs an English dub, in homage to those terrible martial arts movies from the '80s.

While Officer Downe is fully capable in handling himself most of time, in the background hangs his specially assigned backup, who clean up after justice has been rightfully served. He's a rookie cop in the team that seems to have an interest on how the police force keeps Downe going.

Live-Action Comic Book Pages

Officer Downe started out to be a graphic novel at Image Comics, created by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham, one that gained massive popularity for its crazy storyline and even crazier characters. As you're watching it in movie form, the entire thing embodies we love about the book.

Villains like Mother Supreme and her trigger-happy nuns, Head Case, with his drug-induced craze, and the stupidly fun Zen Master Flash make an appearance — one at a time — to prove a very clear point: This is not your typical comic book, bad-guy-of-the-day, movie. Justice might be blind, but Officer Downe sees everything and he is judge, jury and executioner. I wouldn't want to piss this guy off.

Slipknot Makes A Movie

This isn't Shawn "Clown" Crahan's first rodeo in the director's chair. Known to have a knack for filmmaking, as shown in recent Slipknot music videos, he delivers a B movie full of style, colorful visuals and a whole lot of blood and guts. This is a good thing, because you can't expect to take this movie seriously. You just can't. Even bandmate Corey Taylor makes an appearance, showing us he isn't only material!

Between the memorable lines that you'll be reciting on Monday at the office, to the pure cool factor that Kim Coates brings as he lives and breathes as the LAPD's baddest cop, there isn't much more to take away from a perfectly fun trashy piece of cinema.

Far from anything that will keep you thinking at night, Officer Downe is definitely a movie where you can just kick back, have some pizza and get a start to the weekend (even if it's a few days away). Heck, I know that's what I did!

What do you think of this crazy thrill ride?


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