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It's been a big morning for Harry Potter fans. Today, the wonderful J.K. Rowling finally took the guesswork out of discovering our magical animal guardians. After years of waiting, an official Patronus quiz was released on Pottermore!

According to Rowling, who wrote the quiz years ago, it gives fairly accurate results.

The timed quiz is a short series of cryptic prompts and — as is the case with everything on Pottermore — registered users can't take it a second time. When it comes to something as important as learning what form a person's corporeal Patronus Charm would take, fans took the results pretty seriously.

With dozens of possible answers, from exceedingly rare mythical creatures to the common house cat, there were some mixed emptions from Potterheads everywhere after taking the test.

Reactions on Twitter following the release of the quiz hit just about every point on the emotional spectrum. While some were ecstatic to learn that their Patronus took the shape of a dragon or a unicorn, others were less than thrilled with their results of a salmon.

Below are a handful of the best tweets from people reacting to their Patronus quiz results:

The Happy

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The Disappointed

The Hilarious

And sorry to anyone who believed her retweet, but Rowling clarified that no, Harambe is not actually an option on the Patronus quiz. (Though she did find it funny).

For those left disappointed by their results, just remember that if Tonks taught us anything it's that Patronuses can change. So there's reason to hope that you'll get your ideal animal someday! In any case, it's awesome to finally be able to officially say, either with pride or dismay, what your Patronous would be.

For anyone out there wondering, I got a stoat (a type of weasel, I think?) and no, I'm not over the moon about it.

What Patronus did you get? Share your results with us in the comments section!

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