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Earlier this year, Animation proudly announced to the world. The Emoji Movie shows what the are really up to when the messaging app of which they're a part is both active and inactive.

The movie's mere concept has left some movie buffs confused and dumbfounded, but it's still a reality they will have to face this year because it's happening.

Even more confusing is the casting choices for the film. Depending on who you ask, they're either brilliant or completely insane.

Just recently, it has been confirmed that the cast will include himself, Sir Patrick Stewart, as the voice of the poop emoji.

What The $h!t?

That's right, the critically acclaimed actor who started his incredible career as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company will be voicing a digital rendition of what is basically a sentient piece of .

Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard [Image: CBS Television]
Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard [Image: CBS Television]

The emoji currently has no name, and it may be just a matter of time before Sony unveils the names of each and every character in The Emoji Movie. Given Patrick Stewart's formal acting background and British descent, expect the poop emoji to talk in a classy, suave British accent that will "hilariously" contradict what human solid waste normally represents.

Check out Sony's announcement for Patrick Stewart below.

Aside from Sir , Sony also unveiled the role of comedian in the upcoming movie. The voice of Rapunzel in The Third (2007) and one of the titular from the surprise comedy hit of 2011 will voice Smiler, the emoji.

For some reason, Smiler bears a wide Glasgow Grin that would make Heath Ledger's from The Dark Knight proud.

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Maya Rudolph as Lilian in 'Bridesmaids' [Image: Universal Pictures]
Maya Rudolph as Lilian in 'Bridesmaids' [Image: Universal Pictures]

Sir Patrick Stewart and Maya Rudolph join a cast led by T.J. Miller as the main emoji. The other names include: Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Coolidge, James Corden, Ilana Glazer, and Steven Wright.

Check out Sony's announcement for Maya Rudolph below.

Set in the world of Textopolis, The Emoji Movie will follow Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller): an emoji with no filter and a plethora of different emotions. Determined to fit in with the rest of the Emojis and removes everything that makes him stand out too much, Gene enlists the help of his best friend Hi-5 (voiced by James Corden) and the spunky rebel Jailbreak (voiced by Ilana Glazer) to help him find "The Code" that will set things right.

The trio embarks on an "app-venture," but when a new danger threatens the phone they live in and everyone in Textopolis, it's up to Gene and company to save the day.

The Emoji Movie is slated for an August 4 release.

The Emoji Movie:

The Poop Emoji in the movie [Image: Sony]
The Poop Emoji in the movie [Image: Sony]

The Emoji Movie has yet to be released and it's already attracting flak and hate. While some ridicule the movie because of how lowbrow it looks, others have gone out of their way to declare it as the "Worst Movie Of 2017." Given how pandering The Emoji Movie seems, it's not hard to see why some are quick to dismiss it as cinematic garbage.

The casting of people like the man who brought Professor Charles Xavier to life is not only enough for people to question Patrick Stewart's latest artistic choice - It also makes people question the filmmakers for animating a talking piece of excrement in a kid's movie. It's like seeing Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo (voiced by Trey Parker) from without any of the irony and parody that made the satirical Christmas icon popular.

'Howdy ho!' [Image: Comedy Central]
'Howdy ho!' [Image: Comedy Central]

Prior to a movie starring digitally rendered sad faces that can talk, released The Lego Movie (2014) while Sony brought The Angry Birds Movie (2015) to audiences. Before these movies were shown, they were dismissed as expensive marketing ploys that didn't do a good job at hiding their true, cynical intentions.

defied all expectations and become one of the best animated movies of the year thanks to its meta-humor and surprising existential take on certain social norms. , on the other hand, was ultimately regarded as harmless but otherwise forgettable fluff that was targeted at kids and their parents' wallets.

Product Placement: The Movies [Images: Warner Brothers/Sony Pictures]
Product Placement: The Movies [Images: Warner Brothers/Sony Pictures]

Some hope that The Emoji Movie will be more akin to The Lego Movie and reveal a surprising amount of depth and intricacy in its otherwise generic plot wrapped up in misleading product placement and Millennial pandering.

But since The Emoji Movie will be coming from the same guys behind the live-action adaptations of The Smurfs, people could only hope for so much.

Check out the latest trailer for The Emoji Movie below.

What do you think of The Emoji Movie and its latest casting news?

2017 is off to a good start [Image: Sony Pictures]
2017 is off to a good start [Image: Sony Pictures]


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