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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

It's not easy being Iron Man. Yeah, he's a gazillionaire with a foxy sidekick (), but this behind the scenes clip from Iron Man 3 shows that our hero has to roll with the punches. , who plays the titular Iron Man, gets blasted across the set when his new suit malfunctions. The clip, entitled 'Calling the Suit' shows Robert Downey Jr. 'trying to make a new move with control of the suit pieces' as he develops bigger and better armor to fight the deadly Mandarin ().

Downey Jr.'s set guys watch in amusement as he attempts his new move, with his Mark 42 suit, but 'unfortunately, it doesn't work. He goes flying.'

Watch the clip, it's pretty funny. I don't know if you see him move that fast in Iron Man 3!

The Mark 42 suit is impressive - when it works. Tony Stark has embedded a chip subcutaneously so he can now psychically commune with his armor, which helps him to control the parts separately at will. What do you think of the 'Calling the Suit' clip? Are you psyched to see if there's any more cool extra features on the Iron Man 3 DVD? The movie hits the shops September 24th, mark it in your diary, Marvel fans.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for this rad clip.



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