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Trekkies and Star Wars fans, it's finally happened: A man was arrested after assaulting and trying to choke his friend over the age-old Star Wars vs Star Trek argument. According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, a man by the name of Jerome Dewayne Whyte and a friend were hanging out in an apartment when they started arguing about the two space-based franchises. For those of you eager to take sides on the fight before moving on, relax—the police didn't reveal which franchise each one was rooting for.

Anyway, the argument wasn't going anywhere, so the victim did what any reasonable person would do in this debate: Turn to insults. As he explained to police, he became upset and told Whyte:

"You're just a trick."

I won't lie, I used Urban Dictionary to learn what that meant. After the name-calling, the dude walked away, but it looks like the dark side seduced Whyte and prompted him to follow his friend and shove him to the ground.

The two resumed their arguing, but this time around, Whyte started choking his friend. But the guy had a Jedi mind trick up his sleeve and he pulled a pocket knife on Whyte just as he was about to pass out. Whyte tried to take hold of the knife, but cut himself. As any self-respecting Jedi or Starfleet member would do, Whyte then...well, he gave up and left. Probably for the best.

Police found and arrested Whyte a little later for assault and battery, possession of marijuana, and outstanding warrants. Yes. This is a thing that actually happened. Two grown men got into an almost-fatal fight over over . I'd say I'm surprised, but...I'm not surprised. What a time to be alive.

As mind-boggling as this confrontation was, though, it taught us a valuable lesson: If you ever get yourself into an argument like this, please don't resort to insults or violence, as there's a better way to tackle the situation: If you're defending Star Wars, show your friend this video:

If you're team , just search for "Star Wars Holiday Special" on YouTube. You win the argument, and there's no need to get your inner-Bruce Lee kicking. Now, in case the other person shows you something worse from the franchise you're defending, worry not; there's enough questionable material on both sides to keep one-upping your rival forever.

Which franchise do you think is better? Star Strek or Star Wars? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Fox 25 NEWS]


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