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Logan, Hugh Jackman's swan song for this iconic portrayal of the famous X-Man Wolverine, received high praise from both fans and critics when it opened in cinemas this year. The movie was regarded as a groundbreaking game-changer that showed off the dramatic capabilities of the superhero movie, and proved that characters with superpowers can tell compelling stories when paired with the right filmmakers.

When fans say that Logan feels more like an Oscar-worthy movie, they aren't joking, and this is a sentiment Fox CEO Stacey Snider strongly agrees with. In fact, she's adamant that the daring X-Men movie has a serious shot at this year's Oscars.

Are Logan And Laura Oscar-Worthy?

'Logan' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Variety recently had the chance to talk to CEO Stacey Snider and ask her about what she has in store for the big-named studio's future and its ongoing X-Men franchise. When asked if she thought the finale for 's Wolverine could be an Oscar nominated feature, Snider said that she sees no reason why it shouldn't be considered.

"Absolutely. The way it [Logan] combines classic storytelling with superhero lore is brilliant."

Despite starring a famous superhero and basing its story on comics, Logan didn't feel like your everyday superhero flick. This was because Logan didn't follow most of the genre's conventions and cliches, even if it respectively paid homage to its comic book roots. Rather than saving the world, Logan was on a personal quest for redemption with an aging Charles (Patric Stewart) and the young Laura (Dafne Keen) at his side. For Snider, this approach is what makes Logan both unique and Oscar-worthy.

"If we’re going to make a superhero movie, we have to ask ourselves: “What’s our version? What’s a Fox Marvel film? When you look at films like 'Deadpool' or 'Logan' or the upcoming 'New Mutants', you’ll see they have their own personality. Great effort has been put into making sure they’re differentiated."

Logan's departure from the usual superhero fare has been favorably compared to Christopher Nolan's psychological thriller The Dark Knight, another bleak and realistic reinterpretation of a popular superhero that generated serious Oscar buzz. The Dark Knight was nominated for seven technical achievements and Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for his now iconic performance as the Joker. The film proved that a superhero movie could be acknowledged on the same stage as more 'Oscar-worthy' titles, although many fans believe that most superhero titles are still largely ignored when it comes to Oscar season.

Alongside Logan, this year's Wonder Woman has also been generating Oscar hype, with fans hoping that the DC Extended Universe's () Amazon warrior would help legitimize DC's own shared cinematic universe. Though they may be thematically different and hail from rival comic book companies, Logan and Wonder Woman represent the superhero movie at its best. It may only be a matter of time before the finally acknowledge that a genre built on colorful comic book can give birth to some of the best films shown in theaters.

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