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If you like your action stars more on the wrinkly side, you were probably one of the many people that loved Red. The movie was a big hit back in 2010, [bringing in a surprising $199 million]( at the box office and bringing , and together to blow stuff up.

The trailer for Red 2 has just landed and the gang are back for a second round of geriatric mayhem. It features some witty(ish) one liners, a deranged-looking Malkovich (when does he ever not look deranged these days) and Mirren melting someone in a bath of acid. Check it out:


Senior citizens are doing it for themselves.

The trailer didn't have me sitting on the edge of my seat if I'm being honest and I'm worried that this sequel will try and rehash the same jokes and action set-pieces that made the first movie such a success. That being said, we do get to see Willis, Malkovich, and Mirren all in the same movie making things explode, so it could be a lot of fun.

Red director has been replaced for the sequel by (Galaxy Quest), but the rest of the gang from the first movie are present and correct, including the returning and .

Red 2 hits theaters August 2nd, so [[follow]] if you want to get all the latest updates for the movie.

Impressed by the trailer? Will you be flocking to theaters to when Red 2 hits? Drop a comment below.



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