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Almost no movie has been heading our way with more controversy than 's remake of 's Oldboy. Fans of the original have been up in arms since the project was announced, vocally opposing the decision to redo the film. The flames were further fanned with the report that lead went to Park for his blessing, and Park explicitly told Brolin that he and Lee were to make "their own film" and not exactly remake his, leading many fans to interpret that as Park telling Spike Lee not to remake his film at all.

Collider recently dropped a new featurette for the film, with violent clips from the movie, as well as interviews with Brolin, Lee, , and others describing the grueling physical see-saw that Brolin had to undergo for the role:

Personally, I'm into it. I loved the original film, but I've never been one to lose it over remakes, which take literally nothing away from the films upon which they're based. I really appreciate Brolin as an actor, and my interest in a Spike Lee film hasn't been piqued like this since 2002's 25th Hour, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Lee brings to the table in this remake.

Oldboy hits theaters on November 27, so those of you still violently opposing it have a month to sharpen your knives and/or commentary.

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