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Game of Thrones fans were left reeling at the end of Season 7, Episode 3 when Olenna Tyrell used her final moments to reveal that she was King Joffrey's true killer. The Lady of Highgarden was never one to hold her tongue, and it was quite fitting that she would want to stick it to Cersei with her final breath.

Over the years Lady Olenna's badass attitude certainly resonated, as she became a fan favorite — and even though her time on the show has ended, she will still be remembered. For proof, just check out this epic cosplay at last weekend's Dragon Con in Atlanta:

The 85-year-old cosplayer stole the show — and the hearts of attendees — with her spot-on costume portraying Olenna Tyrell. Besides the outfit and headgear, her wheelchair was fashioned as the Iron Throne. This awesome lady even held her red rose and sign, which read "it was me," quoting Olenna's poisonous confession. To top it off, she wore "deal with it" glasses.

Turns out the woman might be on the same level of sass as the true Olenna Tyrell because the other side of her sign playfully reads "not dead yet."

The lady even got to lead the parade of Game of Thrones cosplayers. Thanks to social media, she now has fans all over the world — and we are certainly a part of that fan club. Keep your eye out at future comic cons, because you never know who may roll by.

Game of Thrones will return for its final season in 2018 or 2019.


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