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has been in more British TV shows than I've had hot dinners (and that's not because I'm a salad aficionado). She is everywhere. Now, could she be able to get the arguable holy grail of Brit-telly roles - Doctor Who itself?

This is a casting I can jump on board the Tardis with. Colman has an impeccable resume and exudes crazy levels of charm (check out comedies Twenty Twelve and Peep Show for example, and then there's Broadchurch), and there's definitely room for her to add something new to the much-coveted role. AND not just the fact she's a female - let's put gender to the side, Olivia Colman would be a great Doctor because of her acting prowess, and her acting prowess alone. But, it sounds like it's not on the horizon for her, as she said in this conversation with the Radio Times:

"My brother sent me a text saying, 'Congratulations, they've released odds on you being the new Doctor Who,' which we thought was funny. No one's ever asked me about it. I wouldn't put any money on it. I assume they would have to ask me for it to be true."

So, I wouldn't say she's ruled herself out entirely, but it doesn't sound likely at this stage with the 'I wouldn't put any money on it' line. Still, if she was going to play the Doctor, she'd probably be bound to silence anyway, so the conclusion is still hazy!

Let's think a bit wider about the whole female Doctor Who issue. added her voice to the debate recently by calling for Doctor Who execs to go for three firsts at once, saying to Daybreak that she thinks "a gay, black female Doctor Who would be the best of all." Wow, breaking down three glass ceilings at once there Helen (who also notably in the same interview she 'wouldn't contemplate the role'). My opinion here? It's simple, a female Doctor Who is a great idea when you find the right woman. And that said woman...she's out there somewhere (just not Emma Watson, please!).

What does everybody think? Rooting for as Doctor Who? Anyone noticed that if she takes on the role both detectives in Broadchurch have once portrayed the Doctor? Jump in with your ideas below!


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