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Eszter Simor

Horror fans can get their fair amount of supernatural jolts in 2015, too. Right in the beginning of the year, director David Gelb will present the scare enthusiasts with the medical thriller, Lazarus, starring popular leads. A new evil, the result of a science fiasco, will be unleashed to the world: the dead will be reawakened.

As Deadline reports, Lionsgate has announced the release date of The Lazarus Effect. 's horror movie is set for January 30, 2015. The film will star Tron: Legacy actress and Zero Dark Thirty actor as research students, alongside , and .

According to the site, the horrifying thriller centres around a team of young researchers, who cross nature's dangerous line by playing god: they are experimenting with life and death. The scientists are working on mapping the human brain, when they accidentally kill one of their colleagues. By bringing her back to life, they unwittingly "unlock a deadly force". After the dead was resurrected, they have to fight for their own lives, while they are trying to contain the monster in the lab. Will they manage, or a new evil will be let loose on the world?

The script was penned by and . The movie was previously known as Reawakening.

(source: Deadline)

What do you think? Will this be another zombie movie, or do you envision something more sinister behind the story?


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