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In 2013's fight for the top spot of White House-invasion movies, Olympus Has Fallen was the box office winner, beating 's and -starring White House Down... And that makes it another movie to warrant a part two, apparently.

ScreenDaily is saying that the Olympus Has Fallen sequel will be called London Has Fallen, and original stars and will be returning. , , will all return to the sequel, too. I guess they'll all be on holiday in London together - doing a group tour of Buckingham Palace - when the terror begins.

Despite the returning cast members, Olympus Has Fallen director isn't listed, hinting that perhaps he won't be back for the London leg of the journey.

The movie will focus on a plot to strike London during the funeral for the British Prime Minister, but "only the President of the United States (Eckhart), his secret service head (Butler) and an English MI6 agent can save the day." Perhaps moving the plot of the sequel to Britain will secure a larger, international audience. But I'm not sure what those Brits will think about the premise...

How does London Has Fallen sound to you?



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