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Mark Newton

RoboCop seems to be going full-steam ahead with its marketing program, throwing out not one, not two, but three clips onto the internet.

Last week, we got our first clip which showed Alex Murphy () partaking in a rather bombastic training exercise. Today, we've got three clips which show off the behind the scenes working of OmniCorp and the future Detroit media. Take a look below:




I have to say, these clips have revived my optimism in 's RoboCop reboot. I was rather disappointed with last weeks first clip, perhaps because it seemed like a mindless action scene with little context. However, these new clips, as well demonstrating some impressive performances by , and , also suggest there might a cerebral element to RoboCop.

What do you think? How do these clips make you feel about the RoboCop reboot. Let me know in the comments section below.


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