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The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is apparently a big deal nowadays. It's where various companies try to shill you technology which you don't really need, but you'll buy anyway in order to fill that empty void - y'know, things like bendable TVs. Anyway, it also seems like it's not only real companies which attend CES, as OmniCorp have also added a keynote speech.

The nefarious global robotics organisation has just published online a CES keynote speech from the year 2027. In it they show off their robotic killing machines, as well as their latest invention - the meshing of man and machine. It's a nice little piece of viral marketing, although the speaker is positively chewing the scenery - well, if there was any to chew. Check it out below:

This isn't the first time we've seen these kind of methods used to market scifi. Prometheus also featured a similar approach, showing Peter Weyland trying to flog his new robot at a TED Talk. I think we can expect to see even more of these methods in future, especially for scifi.

What do you think? Is this viral campaign getting you any more excited for RoboCop? Let us know below.

Source: GiantFreakinRobot


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