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Who could have predicted that the year 2012 would contain not one, but two critically well-received performances, in movies that both crossed over 100 million dollars in box office cash? Additionally, who would have thought that he would be funny in one of them?

Now it's 2013, and perhaps it's time to see yet another male lead breakout and establish himself.

Let's talk about . His most prominent roles were arguably the ill-fated husband of in the stylish crime thriller Drive, the scenery chewing Prince John in ’s mildly snory Robin Hood, and the main antagonist in Sucker Punch.

He also co-starred alongside in Ten Years, where he played a successful singer, coming to his highschool reunion.

Said role brings us to the similarity between Tatum and Isaac. Both men share a not so secret talent. While the chunky Magic Mike star is in command of some uber-thrusty hips, which can put large parts (of the mostly female) audience in a state of ecstasy, has quite the voice. To which I might add -- the bastard!

In the year 2013, audiences will get a LOT of Oscar Isaac’s voice in the Coen brother's Inside Llewyn Davis, in which the actor plays the titular, not-so-very-well doing folk singer at the end of the 1960s, who can neither advance his career, nor his private life. The screenplay is a sharp, well-written thing of beauty with the Coen’s usual dry sense of humor. Surprisingly, early screening reports suggest that the film is also quite moving.

Inside Llewyn Davis isn’t the only promising project on Isaac’s plate. He’ll be the lover of in the sexy In Secret (again: bastard!), and face acting heavyweights and in the Greek-set psychological thriller The Two Faces of January.

Lastly, there is the possibility that Mojave, a thriller from , will get a 2013 release. Monahan is the screenwriter behind ’s Oscar winner The Departed, and the director of the in pretty much every respect shitty, London Boulevard. They can't all be winners.

For his second feature he cast not only Isaac, but also , who delivered one hell of a performance as CIA interrogation expert Dan in Zero Dark Thirty. The plot centers on a deadly cat and mouse game between two very different men who meet in the desert.

Our money is on Inside Llewyn Davis to be the breakout role for Oscar Issac.

Do you see good things in the future for this young talent? Let us know in the comment section below.


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