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Have you ever wondered what an explosion-riddled scene looks like before the nerds at the CGI dep. put their Macs to work? If that particular vision ever was one of your lifelong dreams, you're in luck, buddy: via Aceshowbiz, here are some stunning (amateur) videos of Transformers: Age of Extinction's Detroit set being rocked by a doomed train falling into an even worse-off crowd below, a bunch of buildings blowing up like a fireworks factory and a bonus look at and prancing around the city's ruins.

The film's setting is supposed to be Hong Kong, but it seems the producers skipped buying the plane tickets to the Far East and settled for the Motor City. Since the metropolis apparently gets pretty much completely destroyed in the movie, it looks like the location won't make that much of a difference.

In this first stunt-filled video, we can see faux Hong Kong looking up to one of their nice little railcar's wagons falling off its tracks, an electrifying and humbling vision (unless you're in that crowd below and not wearing a really big helmet, in which case you're screwed):


And here's Michael Bay delving into what I believe is his first explosion ever (check out those cars flying like popcorn!):


Bonus vid: If you squint your eyes carefully, you can make out Mark Whalberg and Stanley Tucci walking about, having a nice little chat about either killer alien morphing robots or Detroit's killer heat in the summer:


Now that you've feasted your eyes on these sweet insider videos, go get your 2014 calendar and mark June 27th as the Transformers 4 premiere date. Until that day... till all are one. [[poll]]


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