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After the shocking ending to the last episode of The Flash, it's no surprise that we're all eager for the show's return on April 25th. Not only does that date hold significance to the show, but Barry's return to the future might provide him with answers about Savitar's true identity.

So in order to make the wait all the more bearable, the CW has released a new trailer for the upcoming episode "The Once and Future Flash." And while a lot of the footage in this trailer is recycled from the previous one, there are some exciting new reveals.

Check out the brand new trailer below:

The Kingpin And Queen Of The Crime-Ridden Future

Aside from the new footage of Barry's arrival in 2024, this trailer reveals the return of Top, who is once again by Mirror Master's side. Previously appearing in the fourth episode of Season 3, Mirror Master and Top unleashed an epic crime-wave upon Central City until they were stopped by The Flash and Jesse Quick.

Top has joined Mirror Master in 2024. [Credit: The CW]
Top has joined Mirror Master in 2024. [Credit: The CW]

But from the trailer it seems like they're both still raising hell in 2024. And that begs the question: is crime rife in this version of the future? After all, the trailer reminds us that the Barry Allen is a broken man due to Iris' death at the hands of Savitar. Moreover, we also find out that Wally West is confined to a wheelchair.

So, without The Flash and Kid Flash to save the day, it seems like the future has fallen victim to Mirror Master and Top's reign of terror.

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Does Future Flash Save Barry?

We might already know that future Barry wants absolutely nothing to do with the present-day version of himself — they did get pretty physical in the previous trailer — but this trailer suggests that he might have a change of heart.

It seems like Mirror Master is out for revenge — and while this isn't unusual, it should be noted that it's the future Flash he likely has the vendetta against. And it seems like this might force the beaten Barry to return to his superheroic ways.

In the trailer, when the Flash is bombarded by the effects of Top's metahuman abilities, a speedster rushes by him. And while that could be any possible 2024 speedster, the clip is followed by the now-famous shot of future Flash in his brand new outfit.

Does future Flash save Barry? [Credit: The CW]
Does future Flash save Barry? [Credit: The CW]

The possibility of Future Flash saving Barry is definitely an intriguing one. Perhaps Barry's arrival to the future is what makes the defeated version of himself find his inner hero. However, it's also worth considering that Future Flash may indeed return for revenge on Barry for letting Iris die in the past. After all, there is a theory that the Barry Allen of the future might be Savitar himself.

So, does this trailer reveal future Flash coming to Barry's aid or watching his demise?

Barry witnesses the future. [Credit: The CW]
Barry witnesses the future. [Credit: The CW]

While the brand new trailer for "The Once and Future Flash" reminded us of all the epic moments yet to come, it also revealed some brand new exciting information about the future of Central City. Now we know that Mirror Master and Top are free and that they have a vendetta against the Flash. But more importantly, the present day version of the scarlet speedster will come face to face with his heroic future-self — but is he there to help him? Time will most certainly tell.

The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, April 25th. Are you excited to see Future Flash, Mirror Master and Top?


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