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There are moments when watching ABC's that just make me want to cringe from the sheer amount of cheese and camp. Sometimes I even long for the series to finally reach its end. And then, all of a sudden, there comes a moment when I remember exactly why the series managed to touch my nostalgia-loving heart in the first place. This time, they did it in a way almost no one would notice, but one that made perfect sense when you realized to whom it was paying tribute.

Anyone who knew much about knew of his struggles and disagreements with Disney. He loved playing Genie in Aladdin, but he believed the majority of the focus should have been on the titular character, not the Genie. And that's why Once Upon A Time's tribute was such a brilliant fit for America's late favorite funny man.

*** Warning: Potential Spoilers From Season 6 Of 'Once Upon A Time' ***

It Began With Aladdin And Jasmine

The series announced the addition of Aladdin and crew during San Diego Comic-Con. At the time, it was unclear if Genie would also be included, given that so many Genies had come and gone from the series - and its spin-off - already.

During last night's episode, "The Changelings," Jasmine and Aladdin had finally come up with a plan that would ensure their return to Agrabah. This plan came in the form of a genie lamp. However, when Jasmine rubbed the lamp she was shocked to find there was no longer a genie within.

Though Jasmine was disappointed, Aladdin promised her there was still a way to get home. He took the cuffs and placed them on himself, becoming the new prisoner of the lamp. Though dismayed, Aladdin was able to reassure his princess with a few touching words about a friend he once knew that just so happened to be a former resident of the lamp.

"I knew a pretty great one once and he's been free awhile now. Maybe I can be like him."

It's a sentiment we can all share. If only the world were more like Robin Williams, what could we accomplish? Though the creators behind the series will probably never clarify if this statement was truly meant as an ode to the legend, fans of the comedian and of the series will probably agree that it's for the best. It's what Williams would've wanted.

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The late Robin Williams, the legend we said goodbye to in 2014, is a presence none of us will ever soon forget. And as Once Upon A Time reminded us last night, his impact on our society's pop culture can never be overstated. He taught us all to laugh, most importantly, even when we didn't feel we could.

What does Robin Williams' legacy mean to you?


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