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After years of wishing, wanting, and waiting, the fandom of may finally (yes, finally) be getting the truest reward bestowed upon any loyal fan base. As the series heads into the second half of its sixth season, co-creators Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz may be looking to give their characters a chance to step back into the beloved Disney musical method of storytelling.

According to TVLine, the ABC series is rumored to be preparing for a episode to air sometime in spring. Although it hasn't been confirmed by anyone involved, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. The creators teased the idea back in 2015 at Comic-Con, but revealed they wouldn't have any idea how to begin to make something like that work. So, does this mean they've finally figured it out? And if they have, what approaches could they be looking at to accomplish this?

The Debate: Disney Classics Vs. Original Songs

Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)
Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)

I suppose it was really only a matter of time before the series' creators realized this was the logical next step in fan service. The real question is how far into that territory do they dare go? The introduction of Anna and Elsa of fame divided the show's dedicated fan base into those impressed by the feat and to those who saw it as pandering. On the other hand, taking the chance on bringing in original or outside music may not fit with what fans have come to expect from the series and totally backfire in everyones' face.

So, how do they go about this? Let's take a close look at their choices.

Originality Can Pay Off Big Time

Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)
Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)

Some of the show's most beloved creations are the characters that were created solely for the show, including the lead of the series, Emma Swan, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. Her inclusion in the show has proven without a doubt that fans can favor original creations just as much as reimagined fairytale heroes and villains.

Original music would likely be met with the same adoration, if done well. If Buffy The Vampire Slayer proved anything with its landmark musical episode that continues to influence shows today, it's that original music can absolutely become just as memorable as the shows they're woven into as long as they fit and don't feel even the slightest bit forced.

Making The Case For The Classics

's effect on the musical genre is undeniable; its songs are considered classics for a reason. If done correctly and with just a little hint of originality, the tunes can most likely be successfully remastered to fit the tone of the show and the cast's vocal abilities.

On the downside, the majority of Disney music does not necessarily fit with what's currently happening on the fairytale series. Fans will most likely be looking forward to hearing songs like "Circle Of Life," "Friend Like Me," "Part Of Your World" and "Beauty and The Beast," but including them in a way that flows with the tone of the show would be damn near impossible to do without doing the exact opposite and molding the show to fit the song.

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The Unlikely Third Option

Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)
Credit: Once Upon A Time (ABC)

The series has also become well-known for its use of non-Disney music. In the episode titled "Only You," the characters danced the night away at a Ball in Camelot thrown by King Arthur in honor of The Savior. They utilized the song of the same name by Yazoo, a favorite of Emma's, to showcase true love in motion and the tender moments of Henry's budding romance. How beautiful would it be to hear Emma belt out the song in expression of her true love for Hook (or vice versa)?

Grey's Anatomy employed that method to modest success back in 2011 when they did their first musical episode. Although it was met with mixed reception from critics, it was ultimately featured in many best and worst musical episode lists and even managed to break into the Billboard 200.

If anything, this only proves Once Upon A Time has some great options open to them should this rumor about the musical episode prove to be true. And while my inner voice is in a slight panic over whether this is a good move for the show or not, the fanboy inside of me is jumping for joy over the possibility of something I've longed for ever since the show began. Whether they can pull it off or not is really anybody's guess. I suppose only time (and patience) will tell.


What would you like to see in a musical episode of 'Once Upon A Time'?

[Source: TVLine]


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