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Jennifer Morrison broke our hearts last week when she announced that she would not be returning to should the hit series be picked up for another season. Surprisingly, it looks like we'll have to get used to Storybrooke without its resident savior, Emma Swann, because has, indeed, renewed the fairytale drama for a seventh season.

However, there's quite a catch: Season 7 will be a "reset" of sorts for the hit series, as not only is Morrison leaving but series stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have expressed their desire to leave following Season 6's conclusion. Moreover, Once's regular wicked witch Rebecca Mader will also be exiting the show.

The show will lose three of its main characters as it heads into Season 7, and while series regulars Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle and Colin O'Donoghue are all confirmed to return, things will be completely different when Once Upon A Time returns in the fall.

While we totally understand Morrison's reasons for leaving, there's no doubt that it will have a huge impact on the show. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Once Upon A Time could see a big time jump in Season 7. Adam Horowitz, one of the showrunners, told reporters, including THR:

"I think that by the end of the season finale, a lot of what we’ve been doing for the last six years is wrapped up — we hope in a very satisfying way — and then we move forward in a way that at the end of it, hopefully you’ll see what we’re hoping to do in Season 7."

Moreover, The Walking Dead's Andrew J. West will be joining the cast as part of the reset, and rumor has it that West's character will be the next star of the show. There's no doubt that when Season 6 comes to a conclusion, Once Upon A Time will never be the same again, but what changes lie in store for the show?

Will Andrew J. West Be Playing An Older Version Of Henry?

[Credit: ABC/AMC]
[Credit: ABC/AMC]

While Emma Swann has always been the protagonist of Once Upon A Time, the show's storylines have heavily focused on her biological son, Henry Mills. If we remember back to the pilot episode, it was actually Henry that found Emma and encouraged her to accept her fairytale destiny. With Morrison's Emma departing from the show, it seems inevitable that the focus will shift to Henry.

However, if there is indeed a time jump planned for Season 7, then Henry would have to noticeably age and, considering actor Jared S. Gilmore is still rather young, this would be almost impossible to accomplish without a recast.

With Andrew J. West headed to the show as a pivotal part of the reboot, we can't help but notice the physical similarities between West and Gilmore — could West be playing an older version of Henry? It's definitely possible. As much as we'd hate to bid farewell to Gilmore, an older Henry would allow the writers to explore the character in much more detail and Henry could find himself facing more challenges that he'd be incapable of overcoming as a young boy.

With Emma Swann finally ready to have her happy ever after, perhaps Storybrooke is in need of a new savior, and who better than Henry Mills? Let's face it, with two badass moms like Emma and Regina, he's the perfect fit for the job.

Once Upon A Time airs its two hour season finale this Sunday on ABC.


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