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Once Upon A Time has been going through some drastic changes, after losing its protagonist, Emma Swan, and a handful of other actors. The people in charge have been scrambling to replace such important voices, which fans fell in love with for the better part of a decade. Fortunately, it doesn't look like they aren't having trouble finding new actors to take over and successfully carry the weight of the show.

But it's officially time to get excited, because we finally have something huge heading our way. came and went, and during the -centric event, executive producers Edward Kitsis revealed Once Upon A Time has a new Cinderella, played by Dania Ramirez (X-Men: The Last Stand, Premium Rush, Heroes). Check out our first look at the character:

Cinderella alongside a new version of Henry [Credit: ABC]
Cinderella alongside a new version of Henry [Credit: ABC]

She. Looks. Incredible. But aside from how amazing she looks, you probably have a ton of questions about the new wearer of the magic glass slipper.

So... Who Exactly Is This New Cinderella?

Fortunately we won't be have to speculate on how 2.0 fits into the show, because we already have some interesting insight on the character. Get yourself ready for a bombshell: She's the wife of an adult Henry (played by Andrew J. West) and the mother of his baby daughter, Lucy –– the girl we met during "The Final Battle Part 2", as she recreated the show's first episode with Henry. As Kitsis detailed:

“Dania Ramirez will be playing a different version of Cinderella. If we remember Henry’s grandfather is Prince Charming [Josh Dallas], so we have the grandson of Prince Charming with a new Cinderella.”

How awesome is that parallel? Still, wait just a second—how can this new Cinderella exist, when we already met the character through the show's past six seasons, played by ? As Kitsis explained, the young Henry (Jared Gilmore) will return in the Season 7 premiere, explaining why he left home in the first place.

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

This time around, he'll be venturing into uncharted territories, searching for places where his family and friends' ever-smiley endings aren't a sure thing. This journey will take him to new worlds, which feature several versions of classic Disney characters –– one of them being this new Cinderella:

“Henry’s the author of the first book, but he wants to go to the place where the happy ending isn’t written. What’s interesting to us is that these books tell the stories, a lot of them about these classic characters, and as you know for the first six seasons we did twists and turns on them. New books could have different versions of some stories and ways of looking at them that maybe we’ve seen before, maybe some new characters as well.”

Continuing Disney's Push For Diversity

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

The House of Mouse has been making a conscious effort to diversify its characters in both TV and film, and the casting of as Cinderella is just another step toward that. As with any major new takes on classic characters (particularly ones that involve a change of race or gender), people will probably be afraid of this change, but there's nothing to worry about.

Indeed, she doesn't look like the Cinderella we're so used to, but that's completely fine. She's a new version of the character and it's exciting to get to know and discover her. Going by the story teases we got at D23, she'll be an exciting and intriguing (Henry's married!) addition to the universe, and a nice change of pace from the character we've known for so many years.

Ramirez is an amazing actress that could have a lot to offer to the role, so I can't wait to see what she does with it. returns to the small screen for its Season 7 premiere this fall.

What do you think about our new Cinderella? Do you like the direction the show is taking with her? Let me know in the comments!


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