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Once Upon A Time has officially returned with a new chapter in its story, with most of the focus now on a grown-up version of Henry Mills. While some of the original characters have tagged along for the ride — like Regina, Rumplestiltskin and Hook — the show hadn’t yet explained the fate of one of Once Upon A Time’s most beloved characters.

Although there are a ton of mysteries that need to be solved in this rebooted version of the show, Once Upon a Time fans have been dying to know what happened to . Given that her one true love, Hook, was seemingly stranded in Hyperion Heights with Henry, Regina and Rumple, many fans believed that something dire had to have happened to Emma — or at least, with her relationship to Hook.

On the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, the show explain finally explained why Hook both was and wasn’t with Emma, and went one step further by also giving the characters a satisfying send off fans had been hoping for.

Note: Heavy spoilers for Once Upon A Time Season 7 Episode 2 below.

Emma Swan And Hook's Story Comes To A Thrilling End

'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: ABC]
'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: ABC]

During Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 2, we learned through flashbacks that Henry summoned Regina, Emma and Hook with the use of a magical message in a bottle to the New Enchanted Forest after being captured by Lady Tremaine. A short while later, Regina and Hook appear to save him, but Emma was left back in Storybrooke.

After Henry is rescued, Hook heads to a seaside town to find out some information for Henry from local pirates. While Hook is searching the seaside town, he comes across a familiar character from Once Upon a Time Season 6, his doppelgänger from the Wish Realm. Yes, Wish Hook is alive and well in the New Enchanted Forest, but much like he was when we last left him, he is overweight, drunk and a lot older than the real Hook.

Wish Hook quickly knocks the original Hook unconscious and with the help of Lady Tremaine’s newly acquired fairy wand, Wish Hook is transformed into the spitting image of the Real Hook. Wish Hook returns to Henry and Regina, where he urges them all to escape back to Storybrooke. Having almost achieved his goal, Wish Hook’s plans are suddenly dashed when Emma Swan appears through a portal and informs Henry that she is pregnant.

With a sudden change of heart, Wish Hook seeks out Real Hook and the two get into an altercation, which ends with Wish Hook getting stabbed in the stomach. Although it seemed like he was going to die, Emma heals Wish Hook's wound and convinces him to stay in the New Enchanted Forest to help Henry find Cinderella, which explains why a version of Hook is currently cursed in Hyperion Heights.

At the end of the episode, Emma and the real Hook say their goodbyes to Henry and return to Storybrooke to start their family, indicating to fans that these two get to live happily ever after.

Emma Swan Gets To Settle Down After All Of Her Adventures

'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: ABC]
'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: ABC]

Although fans were first thrown off by Hook’s appearance in Hyperion Heights at the beginning of Season 7, they were set at ease when they learned that the real Hook is safe in Storybrooke with his true love. After six long seasons, Emma and Real Hook finally got their happily ever after, as they prepare to welcome their first child into the world back in Storybrooke.

Sure, Once Upon a Time toyed with fans emotions by teasing that Hook was separated from Emma in the Season 7 premiere, but the payoff was incredibly cathartic. Was it a little hokey that the show got to give fans Emma's happily ever after and still have Hook remain on the show? Yes. But, since it’s a show based on fairytales, it’s fair to give the writers a little bit a leeway when it comes to execution.

For now, Once Upon a Time has satisfied every fan's curiosity around the Hook and Emma mystery, but there is still a lot of questions that need to be answered. Hopefully, the rest of the season will fill out the rest of the story regarding the curse that put all the new and returning characters in Hyperion Heights. Until then, fans can rest easy knowing that Emma Swan finally got her happily ever after.

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