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Don't close the Storybrooke storybook just yet, because it seems that a happily ever after isn't the last page for ABC's . and 's fairytale fantasy dodged the great network axe of 2017 and will return for another season later this year.

Tying off its current arc with a nice pink bow, it remains unclear how Once Upon a Time intends on keeping itself "fresh" when it returns for a seventh run. After outlasting the likes of Lost, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad, the show is undoubtedly approaching that lambasted Desperate Housewives territory of "oh, this is still on?" However, with a huge casting cull and losing the likes of Prince Charming, Snow White, Zelena, and even Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan herself, ABC is braced for some big changes when they pen the next part of the story.

Some things are sure to remain constant, and we are excitedly teased that could return to her mantle as baddest bitch in town. As Regina Mills/the Evil Queen, it is thought that Season 7 of the show will once again focus on the formidable villain of the piece. While Parrilla is quite at home accepting Regina's wicked side, there is someone else out there in the Disneyverse who she thinks could give the Evil Queen a run for her money.

I Am Altering The Deal

Over the past six years we have battled Rumpelstiltskin, an evil Peter Pan, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil, so who is left? Well, is it finally time for OUaT to embrace its "dark side" and head to a galaxy far, far away?

Speaking to Gold Derby, Parrilla revealed that she wouldn't mind clipping some pain aux Raisins to the side of her head to do her best Leia impression and take on Darth Vader from :

"I think that we should somehow incorporate Star Wars. I think that [co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are huge Star Wars fans, and if there was a way to bring Darth Vader in, that would be cool."

There have been some pretty epic battles on the show, but pitting Regina against Vader could equal some Return of the Jedi, next level, action, and Parrilla knows exactly what we mean:

"But it would just be fun, I think, to just battle him. I've seen crazy fan art with the Evil Queen versus Darth Vader and they're both holding lightsabers. I would just love that."

However, she also teased that she could also imagine the two pairing up to become the most powerful couple since Jon and Daenerys:

"I would say that he would probably be a better love interest for the Evil Queen, but now she's taken."

Well, if charred cocktail sausages clunking around in metal is what floats your boat, who are we to judge?

Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky

Sadly, it could just be a pipe dream. Over a year ago I wrote an article about why ABC should embrace the Lucasfilm arm of the Disneyverse, but co-creator Adam Horowitz has always maintained that Star Wars just wouldn't fit with the Storybrooke aesthetic:

"As far as Star Wars goes, there are things that would fit into the world of our show, but Star Wars is not something we want to bring into the world of our show. Frozen was a different kind of thing. It felt like a more natural fit into our mythology, which is why we approached the company."

There have been numerous nods to Star Wars in the past, but apart form the odd Easter Egg, there hasn't been a backward-talking elf, a raspy man in black leather, or even a cuddly little Ewok. I think at this point, some fans would even settle for a Jar Jar Binks cameo.

You only have to do a quick OUaT/Star Wars search to be inundated with fan-art and fan-fiction that depicts Regina crossing swords with Vader. Sure, ABC's show may not rank in the notoriety stakes with the intergalactic blockbuster franchise, but it is hard to see who else Horowitz and co. intend on including in the long run. We have already tackled everything from Aladdin to Frozen, so unless they plan on introducing a talking deer for Bambi, we will surely have to tackle Star Wars if the show expects to continue.

However, with those frankly surprised by the show's renewal for another season (especially after Morrison's departure), could the clock already be approaching midnight? Horowitz has spoken at great length about the "next chapter" of the series, so the ideas are clearly there. With new characters, a new curse, and new identities, it really does look like it is business as usual for our returning cast and the perfect time to shine for newcomers like Andrew J. West. Still, there is no denying that including those tiny midichlorians and a floppy-haired hero from a town called Tatooine could certainly inject some new life into fairytale.

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