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The television show was a staple for kids who were born in the ’90s. Every child new what a Power Ranger was. Ask any child of that era as to who they wanted to be when they grew up and most likely the answer was simply becoming a Power Ranger. The television show has its dedicated fanbase as the show continues to run with different series coming out every few years.

A new generation of fans are being introduced to a different interpretation of the acclaimed franchise with . The film has garnered praise with some stating it’s an entertaining movie with plenty of fun added to the mix. While the film looks to kick-start a legitimate franchise, this isn’t the first time they tried. In fact back in 1995, Saban Entertainment looked to bring the television show onto the movie screen and in a big way. Thus, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was born.

Though the film bombed at the box office, it still felt like a true Power Rangers adaptation. With the budget much higher than the television show, the writers were given more creative freedom. The film overall isn’t great, but there’s plenty of nostalgia to go around.

So get your spandex costumes ready because “It’s Morphin Time!”

The Movie Knows How To Maintain Its Campiness

If there’s one thing the Power Rangers movie does well is that it keeps it’s consistent tone throughout the film. There are plenty of scenes in the movie where our heroes are fighting characters that more or less resemble ’s Putty Patrollers. Near the beginning of the film, the Power Rangers have to face these gooey monsters created by the films antagonist, Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman).

The films first fight scene is extremely campy but it stays true to the show's roots. The Rangers fight like it’s no big deal, dealing out corny catch phrases every second such as “You ooze, you lose!”, “Watch the birdie!”, and “Wanna play kick the can?” It’s certainly one of the better choreographed fight scenes in the film and it feels like you're watching a Saturday morning episode.

The Movie Shows The Characters In And Out Of Their Costumes

Although it’s nice to see the characters in their amazing spandex costumes, it’s also a pleasure to see our heroes perform their own stunts. A lot of the original shows in-costume fight scenes were actually taken from an early Japanese kids show titled Super Sentai. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers took the exact same scenes from Super Sentai and placed them in their own episodes. That means that every time the Rangers were in their costumes, it wasn’t really the actors playing them, nor was it even filmed in the United States.

All of the fight scenes in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie were actually filmed in the United States with the real actors inside of the spandex (for the most part). However, the majority of the film doesn’t even have our heroes in their costumes to the benefit of the actors. This allows the actors to shine in their roles staying true to themselves from the beloved television show.

The Movie Shows The Rangers Obtaining The Powers Of The Ninjetti

The second half of the film focuses on the Rangers finding this ancient power located at a hidden temple on the planet Phaedos. Keeping with the consistent tone and feel of the show, the Rangers also obtain not only new costumes but new Zords, as well!

The Rangers are successful in their mission and awaken their animal spirits. They are then given new Zords to utilize in the heat of battle with Billy getting the Wolf, Rocky is the Ape, Kimberly is the Crane, Adams is the Frog, and finally Tommy is given the Falcon. The Rangers’ powers are also enhanced as they have faster mobility in hand to hand combat situations.

The new costumes are also consistent with the show as they always seem to get upgrades time and time again be it Power Rangers Zeo, In Space, or in Lost Galaxy.

Though the film is extremely campy and corny at times, it never ceases to lose the feel of what Power Rangers are. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie is a ton of fan. Everything you can expect from the show is there which is why any fan of the original show should have a good time from start to finish.

So those are my thoughts on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Do you think this film deserves a second chance? Are you excited to see the new rendition of the Power Rangers? Sound off in the comment section below!

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