BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

We've all been there, amiright?

You're just some beautiful 23 year old megastar who's headed up a multimillion dollar franchise while dating the lantern-jawed leading man and is now subjected to intense media scrutiny.

Your to-do list is like, ten foot long, seriouslies. You've got to star in a boundary pushing indie about being a lady soldier in Guantanamo, do the press circus, hit a few fashion shows in Paris to prove that American girls have got it goin' on, style-wise...and jeez, you haven't called your mom in months. Fingers crossed nobody found out about the wolves.

Oh yeah, and then there's your old pick up truck. Your dusty, dusty truck. You'd take it to a car wash, but who has the time? That's got to be bottom of the list. It gives you a grunge edge, after all.

You're heading back to your car after another hassletastic Hollywood meeting when – wtf?!

Some d*ckhead has drawn 'I heart Rob' in the dust on your car. And you've got a ticket.

Just another perfect day in the life of .


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