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So, Amazon is really going all in on the original programming game. Their upcoming small screen adaptation of Zombieland has been promoting pretty hard lately. Now, Amazon has joined forces with none other than The Onion to launch original series Onion News Empire.

ONE takes the premise of the online satirists' popular fake news video clips, Onion News Network, and is turning them in to a complete show. So it's a fake show about a fake show from a fake website that somehow still manages to be more truthful about our politics and media than any legitimate outlets would be. Which... is the entire point of satire, so well done, Onion. Well done. Somewhere, and are giving you slow claps.

Hey, you want a trailer? Yeah? Great, because I happen to have one in my pocket here:

Two things: One, I definitely laughed more than once. Two, how amazingly terrifying is 's blonde wig and overly-powdered face? Bonus thing: I already want to see show up in full character as Ron Burgundy for a guest spot.

For an Amazon venture, Onion News Empire sports a fairly impressive cast. Along with the veteran comedian Tambor, the rest of the cast includes as his insipid and illiterate rival, as a young reporter who is forbidden from telling the truth as it would negatively affect their sponsors, and as the brilliant but underpaid and underappreciated production assistant.

There's no sure bet that any of these shows will make it to full seasons, however. Every original episode for Amazon is starting with a pilot episode first, with fans determining whether or not they get the green light for full production. If you want to help influence that, you can take the survey FOUND HERE on Amazon. Survey is on the right.

So click away and get your vote on, Moviepilots. Click away.


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