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In 2006, finally won his first Oscar for The Departed. Regardless of how one judges the merit of that particular movie, there can be no question that the director had been long overdue.

As the crime thriller was a remake of and 's awesome Infernal Affairs, it's only fair that Scorsese now is returning the favor by executive-producing Lau's New York-set crime drama Revenge Of The Green Dragons. After all, New York is sort of the Mean Street diirector's home turf and this seems like a nice way to say "welcome".

Revenge Of The Green Dragons does sound a bit like the populist version of a Scorsese film, as it deals with two immigrant brothers, who rise through the ranks of the eponymous violent Chinatown gang. When one of them falls in love with the wrong woman (of course) and this pits him against the Green Dragons – and perhaps his brother, which would make this an enticing addition to our planned Guy Cry Flicks channel.

The peculiar thing about The Departed and Infernal Affairs is that Scorsese's take on the undercover story seems much more in the vein of the over-the-top heroic bloodshed tradition of the Hong Kong cinema than Mak and Lau's original film, which in comparison felt like a subdued directed American crime drama.


Hence, it makes only sense that finally sets foot to the Mecca of American crime movies!


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