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Matt Carter

Last year saw the debut of BBC America's deliciously dark and intriguing Orphan Black, a sci-fi show with more twists and turns than a box of curly fries on a roller coaster. The star of the show is , an actor of such talent and chameleon-like ability, she was able to masterfully play the roles of seven different clones, imbuing each one with an individual identity and characteristics.

It can be a challenge to keep track of all the clones on the show — to know your Cosimas from your Katjas. So ahead of the Orphan Black Season 2 premiere on April 19th, we thought it would be a good time for a little clone revision. Check out Moviepilot's handy Orphan Black: Clone Infographic to get the lowdown on who's in, who's out and what it all means.



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