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Mark Newton

We've already seen Optimus Prime riding an odd form of transport, and now he's got a new weapon to befit his mighty steed.

The latest edition of Empire Magazine features the lead autobot wielding what appears to be a massive sword and shield combo. Oh, there's also some rather generic pictures of , and . Check it out below:

But the front cover may also reveal some more movie spoilers. For example, the subtitle reads: "Detroit! Hong Kong! Cybertron!". Now, when we consider we KNOW action for Transformers: Age of Extinction goes down in Detroit and Hong Kong, does the additional reference to Cybertron mean we'll finally be heading there?


The issue also came with another photo of seemingly getting mildly aroused by another over-the-top action scene. Check that out below:

What do you think? Do you like this new Optimus Prime? Let us know below.


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