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At the end of Orange Is The New Black's Season 4, we said a heartbreaking goodbye to one of the show's most loved and iconic characters, Poussey Washington. Yet, have you ever thought that perhaps there were other characters that deserved to be given the boot over Poussey? Well, I certainly do.

Don't get me wrong, I've obsessively binge watched each season of the prison drama as it's released, but all good series have characters you'd love to see the back of — more specifically, five of them:

5. Leanne Taylor

'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

Leanne who? You probably know her better as one of The Meth Heads. The Meth Heads combined add nothing to the series. Look at Season 5 for instance — they completely undermined what the rest of the inmates were standing for: to be treated like humans and to be treated equally. Meanwhile, as others fought for equality and a better education program, Leanne searched for her missing finger and got a thrill out of wearing the prison guard's uniforms.

4. Angie Rice

'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

The same can be said for Angie. This season she spent its entirety either off her head on drugs, accompanying Leanne in finding her missing finger, or aimlessly waving around a gun to get her own way.

Also, what both Meth Heads did to Crazy Eyes was completely unacceptable. The riot in Litchfield was meant to bring the inmates together, yet Leanne and Angie took it upon them to lock Crazy Eyes to her bunk bed and turn her face white. It is here that we Crazy Eyes and the audience learn a valuable lesson:

"Love the face God gave you, Suzanne."

I do admit that the talent show The Meth Heads organized was pure genius, but does this really make up for the lack of entertainment and character development in other seasons?

3. Brook Soso

'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

The creators of really missed out on an opportunity with Soso this season. They could have really explored the depths of dealing with the loss of a partner, particularly in a prison setting. Instead, Brook's grief was barely touched upon (besides the creation of Poussey's memorial library).

Poussey and Soso's relationship last season was probably the most interesting thing to happen to Soso. Would you have really cared if she didn't make her few, brief appearances this season?

2. Pennsatucky

'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

Now, this might be a controversial one, but I've never really warmed to Pennsatucky, even with her backstory. Of course, a mother losing a child or children is tragic, and no one should be treated by their partner the way Pennsatucky was, but I've never felt much warmth from her.

Her and Boo made a cute duo for a brief amount of time, but she didn't even have that in Season 5. The most interesting thing Pennsatucky did this season was release the guard (what is it with Pennsatucky and guards?). Other than that, she didn't really contribute much, don't you think?

1. Maritza

'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]
'Orange Is The New Black' [Credit: Netflix]

At last, I'm brought to Martiza. You know, the one that stands around pouting and looking at herself at any mirror (or anything that's at all reflective) in close vicinity. What at all did she contribute this season, you may ask? Well, I'm asking myself the same question. Any airtime she received she spent either recording herself on a phone that she discovered or reading comments on YouTube channel to fill her ego. Would you have really missed her vanity this season?

So there you go, there are my five inmates that I'd love to see the back of next season. Will they be axed? Probably not, but a girl can wish, surely?

Who would you love to see axed from Orange Is The New Black?


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