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Sure, there may be no race to find a new yet, but when Fox eventually gets around to replacing its clawed Canadian, expect the casting to be the hottest ticket in town. It is hard to imagine anyone taking over from 's 17-year legacy, but just like James McAvoy having to go bald, we always knew this day was coming. While there has been little to no chatter on who could pop out a pair of adamantium claws, one actor is already throwing his mutton chops into the ring.

Claws For Thought

Speaking to, and Orange Is the New Black star Pablo Schreiber tipped himself to slip on some black and yellow lycra. Fancying himself a bit of a Brolin and sweeping up all the superhero parts, Schreiber also threw out his name as a potential Matt Murdock:

“I was a huge fan growing up of Wolverine and of Daredevil. Those are my two favorite guys and I would jump at the chance to play either one of them in a second.”

Well, the Daredevil option definitely seems out. The MCU currently has its very own Daredevil with Charlie Cox playing the role superbly on his own TV series, however, Wolvey is a possibility.

Ironically, it was Pablo's brother, Liev Schreiber, who most recently played Wolverine's brother-in-arms, Sabertooth, in the maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sabertooth was once in early drafts of James Mangold's , but was cut from the final Wolverine film along with several other cameo appearances. Jackman may be out, but Liev has always remained open to reprising his mutant role. Unfortunately, for those hoping for an epic family showdown, Pablo doesn't count on the Schreiber brothers sharing any screen time in his fantasy casting:

“Maybe we can reboot Sabretooth. I don’t think he would agree to play Sabretooth to my Wolverine.”

Pablo is currently playing the mischievous leprechaun Mad Sweeney on Starz's American Gods, where some impressive fighting skills will certainly have upped his Wolverine-friendly CV. Personally, I still find it increasingly hard to picture Schreiber as anyone other than George "Pornstache" Mendez from Orange Is the New Black, but never say never. While Schreiber isn't the first actor that would spring to mind to replace Jackman, at least it wouldn't be Fox relying on Tom Hardy or one of the Chris quartet (Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt) as just another big name for the sake of it.

All of this is just a pipe dream for all involved anyway. Josh Boone is well underway with his New Mutants film, while the main series will focus on its Dark Phoenix feature. With both stories being largely or completely sans Logan, Fox is rightly taking its time to get its other characters right before returning to Alkali Lake and pumping one lucky fellow full of molten metal.

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