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After an opening weekend that saw a baby (who's a frickin' boss) dethrone the top moneymaker Beauty and the Beast with $50 million in ticket sales, has been a little diaper-wrapped surprise. It's still pulling in revenue, currently sitting just shy of $400 million worldwide.

An insanely cute it is to think about a baby in a suit, did you know there have been some real-life babies who have been totally boss? By baby, of course, I mean babies and toddlers, but there have been some youngsters out there that have saved the day for themselves and their fellow babykind.

Here are five of the best of the best of the best, immortalized forever on YouTube!

1. Two-Year-Old Hulks Out & Saves Twin Bro

He wasn't thinking about what to do, he was busy building up his rage so he could get that massive dresser off his brother. Check out this little hero from Utah:

Read all about it on ABC 7 News.

2. Nobody Terrorizes Our Baby Brother But Us!

The best part about this, beside the happy ending in the tiny town of Sprague, Washington? Hearing the news lady say the kidnapper “almost looked like Frankenstein!”

The bad part, the failed kidnapper was only 15. The full story is here.

3. Kidnapper, Scared Out Of His Mind, Aisle 5

Not today, scumbucket! A would-be kidnapper gets his plans thwarted by none other than his seven-year-old target, when she kicks and screams her way to safety at an Atlanta Walmart.

Read more about the brave second grader on ABC News here.

4. Two Kidnappers: 0, Six Year Old Girl: 2

Six-year-old Savanna Norman from Tacoma, Washington knew exactly what to do when two men tried to kidnap her in broad daylight, right in front of her own home.

Read more about this little ninja.

5. Ethan, Take The Wheel

When his mom started having a seizure while she was driving down the highway, nine-year-old Ethan Welch took control; he took the wheel of her car and steered them to safety. Making the story even better, it turns out his mom had just picked him up from school to take him to the emergency room after he had split his chin open and needed stitches.

What was the pint-sized hero's only request, according to ABC 15 News, Myrtle Beach? To get his drivers license the next year, of course.

Bonus Boss Baby Achievement: Unlocked

What do you do when a stranger with top-notch karate skills is attacking a little girl, and you're only about two feet tall? You forget the fact that the guy is teaching her karate, and you go for the punch of death!

Do you have any boss baby stories to share? Head over to Movie Pilot's Superhero Facebook page or my Twitter and share them!


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