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It's (almost) morphin time again! The new Power Rangers reboot will be heading to theaters on March 24, 2017, and while we don't know too many details about the plot, we've just learned one new piece of information — and it's kind of a bummer.

According to Walter Jones, who played the OG Black Ranger a.k.a. Zack Taylor, the original Power Rangers from the Might Morphin Power Rangers TV Series (1993 – 1996), the actors that originated the roles will NOT be appearing in the new movie, not even in cameos. He told Audibly Exquisite Podcast:

It's Morphin Time / The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
It's Morphin Time / The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"It’s not likely. Unfortunately, we were not invited to be part of the film, which is confusing to me, but I’m excited about the film nevertheless."

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It would have been nice for the new film to pay homage to its predecessors, especially since many of the original actors continued to play the characters for years through voiceovers, but I'm optimistic about what this new generation can do. And who knows — maybe Jones's statement will inspire the makers of the new Power Rangers movie to write in cameos for the originals after all!

Check out these side by side images of the original cast of the TV series and their successors to see how the new Power Rangers stack up.

The Red Ranger

The Red Power Ranger, Then and Now
The Red Power Ranger, Then and Now
  • Character: Jason Lee Scott
  • Original Actor: Austin St. John
  • New Actor: Dacre Montgomery

Jason Lee Scott is the original Red Ranger, the leader of the gang. The first one to believe Zordon when the group first came into their powers, it's not surprising that he became the strongest (that is, until they met the Green Ranger). He eventually transformed into the Gold Ranger, too, but it seems unlikely that the new Power Rangers will decide to use that storyline.

The Blue Ranger

The Blue Power Ranger, Then and Now
The Blue Power Ranger, Then and Now
  • Character: Billy Cranston
  • Original Actor: David Yost
  • New Actor: RJ Cyler

Billy is the brains of the operation. He invented the wrist communicators that became staple gadgets for the whole squad. Billy might have been a genius, but his nerdiness led to low self-confidence, and his story arc for most of the Mighty Morphin series revolved around him becoming more self-assured. Will the reboot decide to go down that route with the character once more?

The Pink Ranger

The Pink Power Ranger, Then and Now
The Pink Power Ranger, Then and Now
  • Character: Kimberly Hart
  • Original Actor: Amy Jo Johnson
  • New Actor: Naomi Scott

Kimberly fought with a hybridized style of gymnastics and kick-boxing-type maneuvers. Bad guys like Skull and Lord Zedd always seemed interested in pursuing her romantically, although she eventually wound up in a relationship with Tommy Oliver (see "The Green Ranger" below).

The Yellow Ranger

The Yellow Power Ranger, Then and Now
The Yellow Power Ranger, Then and Now
  • Character: Trini Kwan
  • Original Actor: Karan Ashley
  • New Actor: Becky G.

If Kimberly is the Valley Girl of the group, Trini is the all-around-sweetheart. She's super involved in saving the environment, helping out local kids, looking out for her friends (especially BFFs Billy and Kimberly) — not to mention in saving the world.

The Black Ranger

The Black Power Ranger, Then and Now
The Black Power Ranger, Then and Now
  • Character: Zack Taylor
  • Original Actor: Walter Jones
  • New Actor: Ludi Lin

It was hard not to love Zack Taylor. Always making jokes, dancing, and trying to get Angela to date him. And who among us has not taken a swing at practicing his unique fighting style, Hip Hop Kido?

The Green Ranger

  • Character: Tommy Oliver
  • Original Actor: Jason David Frank
  • New Actor: none

There is no mention of Tommy Oliver whatsoever in the character list for the new Power Rangers, but again, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't show up. Of course, what seems much more likely at this point is the popular theory that Rita Repulsa herself is actually the Green Ranger, which would be crazy cool and make for an epic battle scene. Even so, Tommy will be missed. :(

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Do you think the original Power Rangers should be invited to cameo in the new movie?

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