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For many longtime fans of the Power Rangers, original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson holds a special place in the heart. I remember gazing at the TV in awe and crushed-out wonderment at the magic that was the Pink Ranger, and it's this kind of fond memory that makes the 2017 reboot such an event movie.

Speaking to THR, Amy Jo Johnson revealed that she would have loved to be involved with the Power Rangers reboot — in a more villainous role:

"I really wanted to be Rita, but Elizabeth Banks got that part. I think I would have made a fantastic Rita. Or some crazy villain."

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. [Credit: Saban Films]
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. [Credit: Saban Films]

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Still, with the wonderful Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, Power Rangers fans are going to get an amazing villain to anchor the reboot. It would be amazing to see Amy Jo Johnson pop up in the new movie, even in a small cameo role, but there could be future possibilities if the reboot is successful enough to spawn a franchise. Make our monster grow.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017. Check out the trailer.


Would you like to see Amy Jo Johnson appear in the new 'Power Rangers' movie(s) as a hero or a villain?

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