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The Power Rangers movie saw loved and iconic heroes given a revamp and update with brand new looks. The suits were a futuristic homage to the original 1990s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suits in every way, but allowed for creative freedom in giving them their own unique look. This is rare in as the majority of suits seen in the franchise are taken from the Japanese counterpart franchise: Super Sentai. However, on the odd occasion, Power Rangers has created its own Rangers, and here we will look at seven of the original additions.

7. The Wild West Rangers

Kimberly was pulled through a time hole and taken back to the wild west. Rita and Lord Zedd planned to stop Angel Grove from being founded and thus stop the formation of the Power Rangers. Kimberly knew she needed help against the monster and went to Zordon to retrieve the other four Power Coins. Given to the ancestors of Rocky, Adam, Billy and Aisha, they become the first team of Power Rangers. The Red, Black, Blue and Yellow Wild West Rangers all sport tassels on their gloves and boots, along with a neck scarf.

6. S.P.D. A-Squad

'Power Ragners S.P.D.' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment
'Power Ragners S.P.D.' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment

The S.P.D. Rangers are actually the B-Squad turned A-Squad after the original A-Squad go MIA. Recycling the helmets of the Space Rangers (with the black helmet painted green), the original A-Squad are all black, with their colors acting more as secondary accents. The team go rogue and turn on S.P.D. and the B-Squad, giving them an ultimate fight at the end. However, the B-Squad prove superior and all the traitors are confined for an undetermined amount of time.

5. The Shogun Rangers

'Power Rangers Samurai' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment]
'Power Rangers Samurai' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment]

The Shogun Rangers are the ancestors of the Samurai Rangers from the 1700s. All retain their color and Power Symbols; however, all are modeled after shoguns as apposed to samurai. Only the Red Shogun Ranger was identified and even the team's genders remain a mystery. It is also considered by some fans as a potential power-up form for the Rangers over it being their regular form. There was also a Gold Shogun Ranger, but was not included in the final cut of the show.

4. S.P.D. Orange Ranger

Boom dreamed of being a Power Ranger, and while he did not literally become one, we did witness him as the Orange S.P.D. Ranger in a dream sequence. Designated with a "0" and a recycled Red Space Ranger's helmet (yes, their is a pattern forming here with Power Rangers S.P.D.), he was the first Orange Power Ranger in the franchise.

3. Titanium Ranger

'Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment]
'Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue' [Credit: Saban Brands / MarVista Entertainment]

Ryan, the Titanium Ranger, was the first full-time original Ranger created for Power Rangers franchise. He replaced the female character of the Beast-Demon Hunter from Super Sentai, which would have made her the first sixth female Ranger, but she was very different in appearance to the other Rangers. The Titanium Ranger really forced Saban to create a lot of their own footage for the show, which impacted the budget of the show. This is why there are periods during the show where Ryan is nowhere to be seen, even missing for episodes between sightings.

2. Spirit Rangers

The Jungle Fury Spirit Rangers were a delightful surprise for fans. First pulled forward to work for evil, they eventually join forces for good. Controlled by the Jungle Masters of the Elephant, Bat and Shark, their designs reflected this. They could also be called alongside their Masters, making a total of six extra fighters in a battle. The Spirit Rangers were the first Elephant and Bat Rangers in both Power Rangers and Super Sentai history.

1. Lord Drakkon

[Credit: Boom! Studios]
[Credit: Boom! Studios]

Lord Drakkon is the ruler of an alternate universe in the Power Rangers comics. He is, in fact, Tommy Oliver and his suit is clearly inspired by both Tommy's original Green Ranger and White Ranger suits. When he was freed from evil, he did not join the Rangers, but instead rejoined Rita. He even killed the other Power Rangers and obtained a new ultimate power created by Zordon. His Zord — the Black Dragon — is even original and can alter its size in battle and fight the Rangers at their own size.

Do you have a favorite original Power Ranger? What would you like to see Power Rangers do that they have not done before?


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