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After a little rest from that school for gifted youngsters, it looks like another famous face from the "future past" will be sticking on some lycra to join X-Men: Dark Phoenix. After playing metal menace Colossus in three of the Bryan Singer's movies, Daniel Cudmore is back with that square jaw and steely persona.

However, Cudmore may not be getting a coat of anti-rust paint when he returns to the franchise, and there are big questions about who he will be playing in 's upcoming entry. Although the star was due to return to his original role long ago, the X-verse memorably recast Colossus with the gruff vocals of Stefan Kapičić in Deadpool. This means it might not be as easy as out with the new and in with the old when it comes to .

Dan The Man

Spotted on set in Montreal, it was no big reveal that Cudmore is taking to Marvel's mutants once more. Announcing the news to Twitter, Cudmore remained tight-lipped on which part he will play in Kingberg's film and sparked theories that he won't be reprising his role as Peter Nikolaevich Rasputin.

Admittedly, it might get a little confusing to have two version of Colossus lumbering round the same cinematic universe, but isn't it going to be equally perplexing to have Cudmore in the movie at all? While the jury is still out on who the 36-year-old will be playing, some fans are already guessing that Cudmore is here to play Gladiator.

Given all the talk of Shi'ar Empires and cosmic entities, it would make perfect sense for the purple-skinned Strontian to make his debut in Dark Phoenix. Gladiator has had plenty of run-ins with the Phoenix, and as the head of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, his appearance would have great ties to the rumored arrival of Lilandra. If we are heading on more of a galactic adventure, it could be now or never for Gladiator.

It is entirely possible that Cudmore is simply playing Colossus one more time, but it would make more sense to overhaul the actor with a lick of purple paint and make him totally unrecognizable from his previous foray into the franchise. Whatever happens, Dark Phoenix will be the actor's first time making mutant memories since Days of Future Past in 2014, so expect him to settle in nicely among other Xavier alumni like Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender to flex his muscles once more.

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