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Mark Newton

It seems you can't put anything online nowadays without someone then filming themselves watching it. It's a strange state of affairs when we find ourselves watching people watching something. But takes it even further. That's right, it's time to watch people watching people watching something. The Hobbit Trilogy director recently uploaded to reaction video to a reaction video. It's like Inception, but with reaction videos and people dressed as elves. Check out , and reacting to some fan girls reacting to The Hobbit 2 trailer:

(via Facebook)

Expect a reaction video to this reaction video of a reaction video sometime soon.

If you would actually prefer to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer yourself, why not head over to here. If you want to check out my reactions to the trailer (not in the form of a narcissistic video) then head over to my Hobbit 2 trailer breakdown. Now I need to go lie down, all these reaction videos to reaction videos is making my head spin...

What do you think? Are these girls' reactions warranted, or was The Hobbit 2 trailer not really that impressive? Let us know below.


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