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Announced at the Edinburgh International TV Festival last Friday, Orlando Bloom will be returning to his roots in the fantasy fiction genre, taking on the starring role in an upcoming Amazon Originals noir drama called .

This will be the 40-year-old actor's first lead role in a television series and he'll additionally be serving as one of the producers. But if you haven't heard of Carnival Row before now, here's a quick run-down of the show's premise.

From Ancient Grudge Break To New Mutiny...

... where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. Carnival Row sets its scene in The Burgue, a steampunk city marred with the burgeoning conflict betwixt mythical creatures seeking refuge from a terrifying war and the local citizens prejudiced against their arrival. Inspector Rycroft Philostrate (played by Bloom) is a "stalwart, principled" detective investigating a "string of unsolved murders that are eating away at whatever uneasy peace still exists." The latest victim of these grisly crimes is a faerie showgirl, and while Rycroft is encouraged to sweep this particular case under the rug, his morals compel him to seek justice for her murder. However, the police detective is not without his own secrets, and searching for hard truths shrouded in the mist and smoke of The Burgue could cost him dearly.

So, if you enjoyed , , or , this sounds like it will be right up your street! I'm envisioning a plot that twists and turns down, down, down into the shadowy alleyways of the City, peppered with lingering, cryptically-charged gazes between characters — and a very busy make-up artistry team.

The Production Team? Some Assembly Required

Travis Beacham, the creative mind behind Pacific Rim, wrote the screenplay for a feature length film called A Killing on Carnival Row for the first Hollywood Black List. Originally, Guillermo del Toro's name was associated with directing the dark-fantasy adaptation all the way back in 2005, but the project was sidelined and reworked once production stopped short. Fast forward to 2015 when Legendary Television and Amazon reported their collaboration on a television series based upon Beacham's original script.

He's now the executive producer of Carnival Row, working alongside Rene Echevarria and Paul McGuigan. Echevarria, with hard-earned credentials on TV hits like Castle, Medium and Teen Wolf, will write and executive produce, and McGuigan adds his renowned directorial talent to the eight-episode drama.

Filming begins in early October, although the final cut will premiere in 2019. That's just enough time to watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, followed by a marathon session of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

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