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When you turn 40, it's an occasion that deserves a blow out party where you are the center of attention or, in Orlando Bloom's case, you could just push a certain organ to the forefront instead and avoid that cringeworthy limelight all over your ageing face.

But, before we get to main event, let's have a look at all the stars who attended Orlando's party and wish we had a girlfriend as cool as Katy Perry to arrange a similar extravaganza for us:

A Bloom Of Orlandos

There's no denying that an army of guys wearing your own face on their crotch is a real boost to your self-esteem, but probably not as much as having Jennifer Aniston rock up at your party tbh.

Jennifer Joy

As if Jennifer Aniston coming to your party weren't enough, there's also a sassy middle finger from Aniston to boot. .

Momster Love

While it would be nightmarish for most people if their mom came to a party where guests were invited to pose in front of your naked pap shot, Orlando seemed totally down. Freud would have a field day.

Ding Dong!

But wait! What's that sailing in from the distance?! That's right, it's Orlando Bloom paddle-boarding in like a sky-clad angel with his wang gently stirring in the breeze. I'm sold.

Stop it with your penis shaming already, top picture peeps, we all know you're lying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Would you have a party starring your own genitals?


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