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Who doesn't love a good old fashioned movie mashup, especially when that mash involves the coolest, cutest creatures to have graced our screens over the last 12 months, and this year's Oscar nominees? Exactly, it's a winning formula. And one the guys over at Oh My Disney have executed with aplomb.

Featuring 's furry faces in the posters for all 2017's "Best Picture" candidates, I'd argue that these bang up photoshops are better than the originals — and I think you'll agree.

1. 'La La Lamb'

[Credit: Oh My Disney]
[Credit: Oh My Disney]

Original Title: La La Land

Nothing screams "watch me!" like a musical about cute creatures getting foxy in the big city, even if the tagline does make me feel a bit sheepish.

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2. 'Hogsaw Ridge'

[Credit: Oh My Disney]
[Credit: Oh My Disney]

Original Title: Hacksaw Ridge

He looks a little fried to me, but then again, going to war must be a real boar.

3. 'Nocturnal Mammals'

[Credit: Oh My Disney]
[Credit: Oh My Disney]

Original Title: Nocturnal Animals

A harrowing tale of cheetahs, threats and revenge.

4. 'Hell Or High Otter'

[Credit: Oh My Disney]
[Credit: Oh My Disney]

Original Title: Hell or High Water

You beaver believe this movie is dam good.

Check out the remaining "Best Picture" posters over at Oh My Disney.

You've got six days left to catch up on all the nominations. Unsure what's on the list? Luckily for you, we've made a handy video that runs through every single 2017 nom really, really fast. You're welcome:

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