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Actors are inherently dramatic people, so it probably shouldn't be much of a surprise that the entire audience inside the Hollywood's Dolby Theater on Sunday night reacted with a visible collective shock and glee when snatched the Best Picture gong from the hands of La La Land at the climax of the .

There are more wide-open mouths in these pics than at a typical pool party in the Hollywood Hills, proving that while the Oscars may be taking the catastrophe very seriously, the A-list are just like us — they love to watch a good, old-fashioned train wreck unfold in slow motion.

Check out some of the best audience reaction shots from the indisputable highlight of the Oscars ceremony (click each image for a bigger version):

While Charlize Theron tries to contain her laughter behind her hand, David Oyelowo (Selma, Queen of Katwe) seems to be paralyzed by shock. But not as much as these guys...

Is it possible not to be obsessed with this photograph? It's a who's-who of very famous people losing their shit. Casey Affleck and Matt Damon are speechless, Dawson's Creek co-stars Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps slack-jawed, Meryl is giving full crazy eye, and The Rock... well, he always looks like that. Ben Affleck is looking at the exits, wondering if he's allowed to bolt. Life mirrors art, right?

More Oscars:

Trevante Rhodes, who plays the grown-up Chiron in Moonlight, is trying real hard not to have a heart attack right there on stage at the Oscars, and director Barry Jenkins, who was just happy to have won the award for Best Eyeware, is literally agog.

But let's take this back to Meryl for a sec:

I don't know if she just witnessed a terrible crime in the corner of the theater while everyone was distracted by the chaos on-stage, or if just really values the sanctity of the Academy Awards, but that is quite a look.

On stage, meanwhile, Emma Stone cannot even:

But if she's all cold fury, her co-star Ryan Gosling is that kid at the back of class who just put a whoopee cushion on the teacher's chair.

Afterwards, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins found time to thank La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz for his gracious handing over of the Best Picture statuette.

It's all good in Hollywood.

Did Moonlight deserve its Best Picture win?


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