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Say what you will about Sunday night's Academy Awards, there was definitely some comedy gold hiding in there somewhere. Of course, it was an utter shambles, and it's pretty tragic that Moonlight's well-deserved win was overshadowed by EnvelopeGate — but hey, if you can't laugh, you might cry. Looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had the same thought when he shared that (frankly iconic) picture of the Oscar crowd realizing something had gone down, and his commentary is so hilariously spot on.

breaks down those few seconds in slow motion, claiming that some of the A-list crowd thought one of the producers was getting up on stage to 'Kanye West' 's win.

You can literally see my wheels spinnin' on whether or not I should hit the stage and take down an Oscars producer who I thought went rogue and was trying to sabotage our final moment of the night as La La Land was accepting for Best Picture. Seconds before this I saw out of the corner of my eye, the producer saying loudly, "NO IT'S MOONLIGHT, the winner is MOONLIGHT!" as he walked up onto the stage. When he walked on stage, I remember sitting up and saying to [Lauren Hashian], "What the f*cks he doing?". She grabbed my arm and said, "Oh my God, they made a mistake". The rest was history. In crazy moments like that, we need leaders to step up and take charge... I give La La Land producer, Jordan Horowitz much respect for stepping up to the mic and calling the Moonlight filmmakers and actors to the stage to accept their award. Thankfully, Jordan gave us the clarity we needed, because as much as I love and adore Meryl, I was willing to rumble over her to take down the producer going rogue. No business like show business.

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He praised La La Land's producer Jordan Horowitz for stepping up and handing the award to Team , in spite of the cock up. The Rock also hilariously said he was ready to "rumble Meryl [Streep]" to get at the producer who he thought was going rogue on La La Land's win. Plus Matt Damon looks like he was definitely ready to go full Borne. Classic Dwayne, could we love him any more?

Mr. Rock also earned Elite Daily's Best Dressed, turning up and working the crowd in a very spiffy blue velvet suit — he especially appreciated being called "that delicious slab of buttery dude meat." Can we all just refer to him as Dwayne 'The Rock / Slab Of Buttery Dude Meat' Johnson from now on?

Between The Rock's commentary, Meryl's face and Chrissy Teigen's nap, the this year definitely gave us something to giggle about, in spite of all the madness going on behind-the-scenes.


What was your favorite Oscars moment this year?


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