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The Oscar organizers have a lot of work to do in the run up to the February 24 award ceremony, but perhaps most importantly it looks like they're going to need to stock up on vodka martini (and a little Heineken). Oscar bosses have announced they intend to stage a Bond reunion which will see all six Bonds on stage together.

Last week it was announced that the 85th Academy Awards would feature a special televised tribute to Her Majesty's finest secret agent. It seems like everyone is down to appear; well, everyone except Sean Connery. It is likely that five of the six Bonds - Sir , , , , and will definitely make an appearance. Connery is a different matter.

Connery, now retired from acting, has long shunned such events due to a four-decade long feud with studio bosses over his pay and treatment. Sir Sean, who played the first James Bond in 1962's Dr No, has reportedly only earned around $3million from his involvement in the entire franchise. In particular, MGM continued to use his image to market the movies in the 70s and 80s without giving Connery a penny. However, an offer from the Oscars might just prove too enticing to turn down. An Oscar source told British tabloid, The Daily Record:

"Sir Sean has been invited to take to the stage along with Daniel and the other 007s. As yet, we've not had a no from him. Normally he is quick to turn things down. Sean's relationship with the Oscars is good and we’re hoping he'll appear. His issues with the Bond producers are not our business and we hope he will overlook that as we pay tribute to what he has done. It would be magnificent to see him up there with the other actors – and quite a coup."

It also looks like the Bonds will have some female company on stage. Adele has also been approached to give a live performance of her hit Skyfall theme song. The song, which has been nominated for the Best Song Oscar, has already picked up an award at the Golden Globes (Wow, her trophy shelf must be getting pretty crowded). A performance at the Oscars would be the first time Adele has performed in public for almost a year.

However, without Connery there, is all this really worth it? Personally, I think he has to be involved. A celebration involving only five of the six Bonds would just make his absence even more noticeable. To many people Sean Connery IS James Bond; the original and the best. Let's just hope he can bury the hatchet, if only for one night, and give all the Bond fans what they really want.

What do you think? Should they go ahead without Sean Connery, or is it imperative that he attend? Let us know below.


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