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Now, while the ever-increasing array of Wonder Woman-themed promotional materials may have already provided us with a fairly solid idea of what the hero's debut cinematic adventure will feature come its June 2nd release date, there's one key detail of the movie that has been noticeably held back by : Ares, the god of war (and 's apparent lead villain).

Y'see, while we've seen hints and flickers of the deirific villain, we're yet to actually see a full blown close-up of the heavenly hellion doing his war-like thing. Which is, of course, a massive shame, since Wonder Woman has a long comic book history of battling the guy, and it'd be nice to get a sense of just how much that might come into play in the movie. All of which makes it all the more intriguing that:

We Have Our Best Look Yet At 'Wonder Woman's Ares (And It's Shadowy And Disconcerting)

What's more, it comes in the form of some shiny new Hot Wheels packaging, which features 's Wonder Woman giving Ares a considerable amount of side-eye, while the duo loom over a pair of entertainingly tiny vehicles.

Now, while there's certainly an article (or several books?) to be written about just how insane Ares' Hot Wheels car is, we're really not here to talk about the fact that it has a gold crown and horns for some reason. Instead, let's all bask in the simple pleasure of being able to stare at a shadowy outline of Ares, imagining all the while just what he might look like in the final movie.

Of course, with the having a history of giving away its villainous secrets far too early (yes, Doomsday, I'm looking at you), there's still every possibility that we'll get a full look at Ares before Wonder Woman hits theaters — though at this point, it's possible that the mystery is actually more fun.

What do you think, though? Would you like to get a full look at battle-clad Ares before Wonder Woman hits theaters? Let us know below!



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