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(Warning: The following contains an image from the upcoming Wolverine solo movie, Logan, as well as some mild discussion of its context and implications. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise, bub.)

Now, the upcoming James Mangold-directed Wolverine solo movie may have only recently had its title announced (get ready for Logan in March 2017), but that doesn't mean that the film's promotional machine isn't already all geared up and ready to go. Which, from our collective perspective as ardent fans of all things superheroic and mutant-related, is damn fine news. After all...

James Mangold Just Unveiled Our First Look At Logan's Elderly Professor X

And, with that being Patrick Stewart and all, it's predictably awesome. What it also confirms, however, is that the movie — apparently set to be Hugh Jackman's final hurrah in the X-Men movie universe — will indeed be set in the future, as was previously suggested by its creative team. What's more...

It Seems We'll Be Seeing The Distant Future For The First Time In The X-Franchise


After all, even X-Men: Days of Future Past (above) showed an only moderately aged Professor X, whereas the image above that seems to suggest that Stewart will be playing the good professor in his advanced dotage. Logan, it seems, won't be playing by the same rules as the rest of the X-Franchise.

The other intriguing element of that newly arrived image, though? It very much looks as though Professor X is set to have lost the use of his left eye, what with it having the milky complexion that movies love to use to indicate visual impairment. Which, for fans of the Old Man Logan comic-book arc (on which the movie is reportedly still being based) will surely conjure up memories of a certain blind archer whose rights aren't held by Fox, yet had a central role in the original storyline:

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Looking for confirmation that Professor X will be taking over Hawkeye's comic book role? Well, then you might just have it.

Still want more on Logan's future, though? Check out our first look at the film's shiny new poster — and what it means for the fan-favorite X-23 — right here.

In the meantime what do you think? What awesome stuff are we going to see in Logan? Let us know below!