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That's it, folks! Droughtlander has officially ended with the emotional rollercoaster that the Season 3 premiere took us on — at least for those of us not lucky enough to have watched it in SDCC 2017 Outlander panel. The premiere set what seems to be the theme for this third season, with Claire and Jamie's stories now two hundred years apart. Outlander opened its brand new season with a bloody battle, a debt of honor, many goodbyes and the hope that only a new life can bring. In case you missed it, or you just want to vent about it, here are the best moments from the Outlander Season 3 premiere.

1. So Long, Black Jack

Jamie and Claire's nemesis met his end on the battle of Culloden, when Black Jack Randall faced off against Jamie in the battlefield. Personally, I found it one of the most beautiful scenes in Outlander, mainly because and relived their dark history in a sinister last dance of sorts. What a wonderful way to ease viewers into the third season, with so much anger, love, pain, desperation and passion being evoked without a single word. In the end, after all the nasty and horrible things he did to Jamie and Claire, Black Jack died in the arms of the man he loved — even if that man took his life.

2. 'Traitors, All'

Producer Ronald D. Moore kept his promise to revisit Culloden in the premiere — after the second season built it up, but only featured the battle briefly in the finale. As Jamie is lying down and the Jacobite army defeated, he remembered bits and pieces of his farewell to Claire in Craigh na Dun and the preparation for the inevitable battle. Although, if I'm being honest, I wouldn't have minded seeing the battle play out as a whole, instead of just getting Jamie's perspective of it. As it was, Murtagh's fate hasn't been revealed, and the Bonnie Prince Charlie's command (or lack of) didn't earn its deserved screen time. At least the Lallybroch men made it safely home, and the Jacobites who managed to survive got an honorable soldier's death (R.I.P. Rupert).

3. Debt of Honor

Speaking of honorable, Lord Melton — John Grey's brother — proved his family is true to their word, when he spared Jamie and sent him home to his sister Jenny in Lallybroch. Since Jamie had spared John Grey's life at their first meeting — as the Jacobites were training for Prestonpans, Lord Melton repaid that "debt of honor" by not executing the infamous Red Jamie. Luckily for Jamie, Lord Melton won't be the last honorable Grey he'll meet this season.

4. 'Let It Be'

After two seasons of seeing Jamie constantly beat the odds in his relentless and impulsive way, it was heartbreaking to realize the toll that Claire's absence took on him. In the books, as soon as Jamie sends Claire back through the stones, he's ready to lay down his life to fight alongside his fellow Jacobites, so he clearly doesn't have any intention of leaving the battlefield alive. Outlander faithfully followed Jamie's torment as he awaited to be put down and had that last wish taken from him. The pain and regret in his eyes upon his arrival in Lallybroch was especially hard to watch, since his family home had always represented warmth and safety for Jamie.

'I Love You, Claire'

Although I admit I'm pretty happy Black Jack won't be plotting against Jamie anymore, I'm also deeply grateful that Frank is still around this season. The whole dynamic between Frank and Claire, as they tried to adjust to their new life together, provided a nice contrast to the hell Jamie was going through. Frank seemed pretty cool with the fact that his wife was carrying another man's baby — and especially with Claire being so broken and bitter. He was accommodating, understanding and supportive all through Claire's pregnancy, but that one tear Frank shed as he was holding Brianna was what ultimately allowed Claire to accept their agreement.

What's Next

The promo for next week's episode teases a six-year time jump, which will probably feature more snippets on Claire and Frank's relationship in Boston as they raise Brianna, Jamie's recovery and his time as the Dun Bonnet. Hopefully, they'll throw adult Brianna and Roger in the mix as well. Have a look:

What was your favorite moment in the Outlander Season 3 premiere? Let's talk about them in the comments below!


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