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After watching the latest episode of Outlander, it's pretty easy to get hyped about the long-awaited reunion between Claire and Jamie. Yes, Voyager is a long book with many storylines happening at once, but Outlander Season 3 has been extremely fast-paced so far. With Jamie and Claire ending this fourth episode both homebound, it's a fair assumption that they'll find their way back to each other any moment now.

If the previous episode took some turns away from the book storylines, "Of Lost Things" brought it back home to the letter. Different from previous episodes, this was more Jamie-centric, with his time spent in Hellwater getting most of the focus — while Claire continued her search through history to find Jamie. Still, Jamie kept busy in those years of servitude in England, so here are the three most memorable moments in "Of Lost Things."

1. Claire Finds Out About Ardsmuir

After she discovered that Jamie had survived Culloden last season, Claire stuck around in Scotland a while longer. And, with the help of her daughter Brianna and Roger Wakefield, she finally managed to find Jamie's whereabouts in the years after Culloden, in a manifest from Arsdmuir Prison. The name "James Fraser of Broch Tuarach" gave Claire enough hope to keep digging some more but, after a setback with some other manifests from ships to the colonies, she eventually gave up her search and went home to Boston.

Interestingly, when Claire first came back through the stones (in the premiere of last season), she didn't restrain her search to Jamie alone. Instead, she would go after any lead about the men from Lallybroch or the MacKenzies, as well as Jamie. It's funny that she chose this moment to forget all about her former Scottish friends — especially since Murtagh, who, in a twist from the books, has made it to Ardsmuir Prison himself. Perhaps if Claire had looked a bit more carefully at the Ardsmuir list, she would have found out about Murtagh and his future (which I'm guessing will cross paths will Jamie's in America later in the season).

2. Jamie Fraser Meets Geneva Dunsany

may have been Jamie Fraser's first, but she certainly wasn't his last. After Culloden, Jamie reluctantly spent the night with Mary McNab, but when Geneva Dunsany welcomed Jamie into her chambers he was a completely different man. Blackmailed by Geneva into having sex with her, Jamie Fraser was a much different man from the one who lost his virginity to Claire back in Season 1. He was knowledgeable, kind and gentle with the girl, all the while embracing the fact that he was a man who'd loved a woman before but who also knew that sex is a whole other deal.

3. Jamie Finally Gets To Be A Father

Jamie and Willy Ransom [Credit: Starz]
Jamie and Willy Ransom [Credit: Starz]

After losing not one, but two chances at fatherhood (with Faith and Brianna), Jamie Fraser finally got his wish to be a father with Geneva's bastard child Willy. Jamie saved the boy on the day he was born, stuck around at Hellwater even after his freedom was offered to him, and shared with the boy his faith and his love for horses. Willy looked to be around five (in Voyager, he's six) when Jamie realized there was a resemblance between him and the boy, so he left Hellwater to spare him. John Grey, soon-to-be husband of Isobel Dunsany (Geneva's sister), took over William's care after Jamie returned to Scotland — and gave the performance of a lifetime, breaking our hearts with their goodbye.

Next week's episode of will be one for the ages, as Claire makes her way through the stones and to Edinburgh and a certain printshop. Take a look at the promo for "Freedom and Whisky":

Outlander episode "Freedom and Whisky" premieres next Sunday on Starz, or on Saturday for those who have the Starz app.


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