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Two weeks ago we were all excited at the prospect of seeing Claire and Jamie together again, and this week's episode of Outlander definitely went above and beyond to show not only two people in love finding their way into each others arms, but one of the most beautifully written and directed love scenes in TV's recent history. Of course, there was a lot more going on other than Jamie and Claire getting back together after 20 years apart, so let's take a look at the top three moments from "A. Malcolm."

Mr. Willoughby Finally Arrives

Let me just start off by saying that Gary Young is the best Mr. Willoughby we could ever hope for. I tell you, watching his interaction with Claire and Jamie, his expressions and funny looks were exactly as I'd imagined Mr. Willoughby in the pages of Diana Gabaldon's books. Not only is Mr. Willoughby an asset for both the story and Jamie, but he also brings a quirky strangeness into the fold.

[Credit: Starz]
[Credit: Starz]

It's also worth mentioning that our wee Fergus has finally grown up and, although I'll be sad to see Romann Berrux go, César Domboy does justice to his character's younger version. It was an emotional moment for Claire to see the young boy she left behind in Culloden as this dashing, self-assured grown up, and I'm excited to see Fergus's story branch out this season.

Jamie (Once More) Is Up To No Good

A. Malcolm may seem like an honorable business man at first glance but, as it often is the case with Jamie Fraser, being a law-abiding citizen isn't a priority. While the printshop offers Jamie some legitimacy in business, his real money comes from smuggling liquor on the side, with the obvious help of both Fergus and Mr. Willoughby. Problem is, although Jamie brought Claire up to speed on his backdealings, she was still put in danger because of his smuggling business when she walked back into her room to find a stranger wrecking the place in search of Jamie's ledgers.

Mr. And Mrs. A. Malcolm

Now, for the best part of this entire episode — which, to be fair, revolved basically around their reunion — Jamie and Claire have once more become one after being apart for so long. Although Jamie seemed a bit uneasy at first (maybe because he was genuinely surprised, or maybe because he carries a secret), it took no longer than a minute into the episode for them to be in each others arms (thankfully).

[Credit: Starz]
[Credit: Starz]

At this point, one could assume they'd get straight into the business of love making and reconnoitering, but I'm glad they didn't. Outlander is always quick to avoid cliches in a show where the love story is the pillar stone of all the plots, and it didn't disappoint in this episode either, taking its time to ease Jamie and Claire into one another once more. After six episodes of waiting, fans were treated to a slow, seductive, romantic (poetic, even) love scene which was all about acceptance and surrender.

Next week's episode promises a whole new world of trouble as Claire goes to extremes to defend herself, and Jamie (everyone around him, really) try to adjust to Claire's return. Take a look:

Outlander Season 3 Episode 7, "Creme de Menthe", airs next Sunday on Starz.


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